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Matsco Experts Give Your Car the Extra Care It Needs

Jerry Miller and technician Zuri Garcia (left) at Matsco Transmissions & Auto Repair can give the quality care your transmission needs for top performance and a long life.
Franchesca Stevens, February 2018

Among the many components that make up your family’s vehicle, perhaps none is as intricate as its transmission. The interlocking cluster of gears, joints, axles and bands is the central nervous system that transfers the energy created in your vehicle’s engine to the wheels. Without a properly functioning transmission, your car will be permanently stuck in neutral, says Jerry Miller, the owner of Matsco Transmissions & Auto Repair.

Because of this complexity, transmission shops such as Matsco have emerged as a specialized function in the field of automotive repair. To use a medical analogy, think of them the way you’d compare a cardiologist or a neurologist to general practitioner. “Your car is a major investment,” says Miller. “Our services can help protect that investment and prolong the life of your vehicle by spotting a potential problem before it balloons into major trouble.”

Miller and his staff of trained transmission specialists have been servicing the cars and trucks of Albuquerque-area drivers since 1976. From their well-equipped, six-bay facility at 9517 Central Ave. NE — at the corner of Moon and Central, between Wyoming and Eubank — Matsco has the resources to handle your transmission needs. Automatic or standard, foreign or domestic, RV or SUV, 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive, or super-duty or diesel pickup, they fix them all.

In the same way your body lets you know it’s feeling bad, your vehicle can give off telltale signs of transmission trouble ahead. To get the most life out of your transmission, it’s wise to be aware of the warning signs before your transmission has a major malfunction. If you recognize potential trouble before it happens, you can potentially save yourself a lot of stress and money, says Miller.

According to Miller, here are some of the warning signs of trouble ahead with your transmission:

• Delayed Engagement — When shifting from Park to Reverse or Drive, is there a delay before the vehicle starts to move? This delay can occur even if you rev the engine.

• Slipping Gears — For no discernable reason, does the transmission slip when it transitions from one gear to another? When this occurs, you may hear over-revving of the engine.

• Burnt Smells — Transmission fluid that’s beyond its useful date will begin to smell like sulfur or burnt eggs, says Miller. This is a sign that the fluid is overheating and needs to be replaced.

• Leaking Fluid — Transmission fluid is red in color, says Miller. So if you find red fluid beneath your vehicle, you might have a leaky transmission. Without adequate fluid, your transmission will overheat and fail, he adds.

• Transmission Failure — A clear sign that something’s about to fail is when you notice that the vehicle won’t shift from one gear to another with ease. Miller says the hydraulic system, the clutch, the bands and/or gears are overheating, causing big problems. At this point, your vehicle’s “Check Engine” light may become illuminated, says Miller. Don’t take this lightly, he adds. Have it checked out immediately.

Regular transmission maintenance is the key to avoiding expensive repairs, says Miller. “Adding transmission fluid can cost between $10 and $20,” he says. “Our transmission service and filter costs only $149 to $199. And a transmission flush is just another $99 to $149.” Contrast this to the cost of rebuilding or replacing a transmission — which Miller says averages between $1,500 to $3,500 — and you can see the value of regular maintenance, he notes. Having your vehicle’s transmission fluid and filter changed on a regular basis “is the best preventative maintenance you can have performed on your transmission,” says Miller. “Doing so will prevent major breakdowns and expensive repairs over time.”

How often should you service your vehicle’s transmission? Opinion varies greatly among manufacturers, but Miller recommends a transmission service every 12 months or 15,000 miles, or at least have it checked, as you change your engine oil, three to four times a year. A routine transmission service and filter change from Matsco is normally $149 to $199, but New Mexico MarketPlace readers can save money by using the coupon in this issue.

A transmission service at Matsco includes adding new fluid and replacing the pan gasket and filter. The technician completes a thorough check of engine and transmission mounts, performs an electronic computer scan, and checks the battery for electric issues such as the alternator. “Battery corrosion or dirty connections will cause a drop in voltage and affect electronic components; this can drastically affect electronic control and the performance of your engine and transmission,” says Miller.

At Matsco, Miller says you can trust that your vehicle’s service and repair needs are in the hands of specialists. Miller is certified by the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence), ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group), and ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association).

Miller, who jokes that he’s been working on transmissions since he was old enough to pedal a bicycle, takes pride in his work and says he subscribes to the golden rule of treating others how he would like to be treated. Besides tackling the intricacies of transmissions, he and his staff are also equipped to handle total car care and all other vehicle repairs including steering issues, bad brakes, engine coolant systems, tune ups and oil changes on any make and model.

“You can trust us to provide the best repairs at the most reasonable rates,” says Miller. “Need proof? Just ask the Unser racing family. They bring their transmission problems to us and that means you can, too!”

To protect your automotive investment and prolong the life of your vehicle, call Matsco at 217-0540.


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