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Renew Your Home with Revolutionary Wood Refinishing From N-Hance

N-Hance allows customers to completely change the color of their wooden cabinets and leave kitchens looking like new.
Nora Hickey, February 2018

New Mexicans might be accustomed to the state’s often-

intense sun, but can the same be said for their wood floors and cabinets? The answer is no, say Kati and Glenn Buckland, owners of N-Hance, a wood refinishing company. “All the sun we receive here bleaches out color and the change from a very dry climate to a month of humidity can really wreak havoc on wood,” explains Glenn. “The wood here gets a lot more abuse than they do in other parts of the country.” Luckily for wood fixtures, and their owners, in our sunny state, N-Hance can refinish any wood floors, cabinets and trim with beauty and efficiency.

Unlike traditional wood refinishing techniques — which can be lengthy, expensive, and make a mess — N-Hance provides enhancement services for a fraction of the cost and time. “N-Hance is a revolutionary way to refinish wood inside homes and businesses,” explains Glenn, “No one else quite does it like we do.”

By deep cleaning the area to be serviced, prepping the wood and applying the N-Hance proprietary finish, Glenn and his team have battered and bleached wood back to its healthy, original color and shine in no time. Common jobs include work on cabinets, baseboards, wood trim and exterior doors. The N-Hance treatment can be applied to indoor and outdoor wood products, and done for home or office.

Along with refurbishing, N-Hance also offers a unique treatment that allows customers to completely change the color of their wooden cabinets. “We very thoroughly clean and prep the cabinets, and can do any minor repairs if there are cracks,” explains Glenn. Then, a new color and finish will be applied. With choices ranging from whitewash, cherry, walnut and black tones, it’s easy to change the entire look of a kitchen. The color changing process can take three to five days.

If a customer doesn’t want to change color but wants to bring back the shine and armor to their faded wood, treatment is extremely quick. Depending on the type and scope of job, the N-Hance treatment typically takes one to two days, so customers can enjoy the use of their improved home in no time. “It’s rarely more than a two day service,” says Glenn.

Glenn and his staff are especially careful not to inconvenience customers. “We understand that when it comes to homes, and the kitchen in particular, we’re often working in the most important space in the house. We are very mindful about the impact and timing of the project and don’t want to displace anyone,” he says, “We want to make it easy for the customer.”

Another benefit of N-Hance is the quality of the products. “We use water-based products, so they are virtually odor free,” explains Glenn. The N-Hance technique also protects customer health through their dust-free procedure.Unlike traditional refinishing sanding methods, which create tiny particles that can become trapped in the lungs or in electronics and other furniture, N-Hance eliminates most sanding.

With N-Hance, there is no need to cover furniture or leave your home for days. A procedure that quickens the refinishing is a one of a kind curing technique. “We offer a very unique UV curing process to harden the finish. It’s the same technology as gel nails — we run over the finish with a UV light to ensure a quality seal, quickly,” says Glenn. “If you get new cabinets, they offer this at the factory but we are the only ones to offer it for in-home, existing products.” This UV treatment has the added benefit of reducing bacteria growth and hindering the growth of harmful microbes.

With the revolutionary N-Hance practices delivered by Glenn and his reliable staff, you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of like-new wood fixtures and floors. And you don’t have to worry about preparing anything. “We move furniture, we do the N-Hance process, cure the floor and put the furniture back immediately,” says Glenn.

Everyone on the staff is a thoroughly trained employee — there are no sub contractors. This Albuquerque-based N-Hance is one of 150 plus franchises throughout the United States, as well as Canada and New Zealand, and has access to new technologies and products as soon as they are created.

N-Hance also offers a one-year unconditional warranty. Glenn is glad to report that since he’s been in operation in 2012, he hasn’t received any calls about poor work or fixes. “We want happy customers and we have a lot of confidence that N-Hance is durable and long lasting,” he says. “I love to go out and meet with folks for their free estimate. Our pricing is transparent and doesn’t change.” A great way to meet Glenn and the N-Hance team is at the ABQ Home Remodeling and Lifestlye Show on February 24th and 25th at Expo NM.

In addition to N-Hance, Glenn and Kati also own and operate ChemDry, an innovative floor cleaning franchise. Customers can find easy and effective solutions for their floor and finishing needs with the Bucklands. “Customer service is our biggest focus with ChemDry and N-Hance,” says Glenn. “We really strive to create happy customers.”

Call the friendly N-Hance front desk at (505) 449-1079, or visit their website at N-Hance.com/abq/. Check out the coupon in this issue for more savings on your home improvement projects.


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