Focus on Seniors

Senior Skills Are Needed

Matilda Charles, October 2017

Already dreading winter and those long days indoors? You’re not alone. One key to staying active during cold weather is to give yourself a reason to get out of the house on a regular basis. Consider volunteering in the community.

If the desire is there, maybe all you need is an opportunity. Here are a few ideas.

Manage a Red Cross blood drive. Teach a skill such as tennis or hockey to children. Lay a kitchen floor for another senior who can’t afford to hire help. Sign up to be a police or court translator. Pack and deliver Meals on Wheels. Teach a weekly balance class to other seniors.

You don’t have to be especially physically active to volunteer. There are plenty of sit-down opportunities. Work one-on-one with a small child for reading and writing skills. Answer phones at the library or animal shelter. Manage the check-in desk at a local race event. Teach an adult to read or speak English. If you speak a second language, tutor a high-school student.

Check for loads of opportunities, both near you and far away. The organization has nearly a quarter of a million seniors. In some places the needs are great, and if you’re over age 55, they’ll make use of your life experience. You might help other seniors to stay in their homes by offering support services, drive people to appointments, help veterans find employment or work on environmental issues. If there’s a natural disaster, you’ll be able to support the first responders. Call them at 1-800-424-8867.


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