A New Millennium Roofs Provide Reliable Protection

Members of A New Millennium gather for a photo on top of a company crane. Unlike many roofing companies in the Albuquerque area, A New Millennium offers homeowners a spray-on high tech polyurethane foam system roof, the same material that was used on the external fuel tanks of the space shuttle, providing an optimal insulation feature. 

Let’s play a hypothetical game: You’re thinking it’s time for a new roof. Where do you start? The answer, of course, is you talk to a roofing contractor. More than likely, you’ll talk to a few and collect competitive bids. 

The first contractor offers to install a tar and gravel roof with rolled roofing underneath for a competitive price. Included in that might be a five-year warranty. You’ve done your research and you suspect a tar and gravel roof will last a little more than 10 years before you need to either completely re-do the roof or do expensive repairs/maintenance.

The second contractor offers a membrane roof that will be rolled onto the roof with the seams welded to prevent leakage (like TPO). The price is considerably higher, but the contractor tells you the advantages of membrane versus tar and gravel. They also offer a lifetime warranty, but the material is only the thickness of a dime. You have your doubts. You find from research that you might start paying to fix tears and seam failure in the roof within about seven years, maybe sooner. The roof might need to be replaced in about 10 to 15 years. Unless you have a big hail storm. You might also find that their lifetime warranty has many limitations.

The third contractor offers a spray-on high tech polyurethane foam system roof. They use the same material that was used on the external fuel tanks of the space shuttle. The foam is designed to withstand temperature extremes and for durability. There will be no seams in a foam roofing system. The price is competitive with a 10-year warranty at no cost, a 20-year warranty for $200 per year, or a lifetime warranty for $350 per year. With minor maintenance, the roof can last decades. Additionally, the foam coating provides substantial insulating properties to the roof, lowering your heating and cooling bills significantly. 

If you chose the third contractor in this hypothetical game, the next time you need a roof call A New Millennium.

Rodney Rael, founder and president, started A New Millennium in 2001. He says that his experience has been that the foam system his company uses is perfectly suited for flat roofs because of its resilience and that there are no seams that invite leaking. 

One thing he hears from people regularly is, “If I could do it over, I wouldn’t buy a house with a flat roof.”  

“We have the solution to that,” says Rael. “The spray-on polyurethane foam we are using is totally seamless. The material literally goes on as a liquid and cures as a solid so there are no seams to fail. There’s no place for water to go except off the roof!”

Though the foam roof material will not leak due to hail damage, A New Millennium covers their roofs with gravel to make sure. “We can do that at a reduced rate as compared to our competitors,” says Rael, “because we have a crane which allows us to cover a roof with far less man hours than anyone else.”

When it rains, Rael notes that most flat roofs suffer from ponding — low spots in the roof where water sits until it evaporates. “This can cause leaking over time,” he says. “Because of the nature of our foam roofing, we fill in the low spots and add a slight slope to a flat roof so water drains far better than any other roofing option out there.” 

Another feature of the foam roof is the optimum insulating factor. “We can say that our roofs save customers in energy costs, and maybe they’ll believe us,” says Rael. “Or we can prove it. A customer a few years ago did an energy evaluation of his savings after we installed a roof, and his numbers tell the story.”

Rael is referring to the time A New Millennium installed a new roof for Larry Buelow in 2011. Buelow, a retired Lockheed Martin engineer, tracked and charted his kilowatt and therm usage. He called A New Millennium later that year to tell them his energy usage decreased by 18 percent in August 2011, which was the hottest August on record in New Mexico at the time. Eight years after it was installed, Buelow is still pleased with his roof, which remains leak free. Buelow even says that during some months his energy savings have been as high as 30 percent. 

A New Millennium boasts an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, is certified with three of the major foam manufacturers nationwide, and is an award-winning member of SPFA (Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance). 

A New Millennium’s 10-year, 20-year, or lifetime warranties are full system warranties, so the customer will not pay for any material or labor cost associated with leak repair while under warranty. These warranties are also fully transferable when the building is sold. Many roofing companies will not transfer warranties, notes Rael.

A New Millennium’s team has over 75 years of combined experience, the company is fully insured, licensed and bonded, and will personally come to review and give estimates. “Our staff is fully versed and experienced in the construction industry” says Rael. “We carry a GB-98 license with the Construction Industries Division. Many roofers only carry roofing licenses, our team knows how to build homes from the ground up!”

The company still maintains a couple of foam roofs that were installed in the mid 1970s in Albuquerque, says Rael. “Some roof contractors will claim that foam roofs are high maintenance, but that’s only true if the spray-on foam is installed incorrectly,” he adds. “We have installed over 2,000 roofs still in service in the greater Albuquerque area, most of which are under warranty. When we receive a heavy rainfall in the area, we get only five or six service calls! That’s over 99.8 percent leak-free performance!”

Make an appointment with A New Millennium for a free estimate by calling 349-4475, or visit www.millenniumsprayfoam.com, where you can view photos and read testimonials from satisfied customers.

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