A Safe, Cost-Effective Way to Get Your Floors Clean

Clean Carpet Care and Elite Carpet Cleaning technicians are not only trained to get dirt out of carpet, but they can clean and sanitize wood, concrete, tile, brick and other types of natural stone flooring.


If you want experienced carpet cleaning done in an environmentally friendly way, look no further than Clean Carpet Care and Elite Carpet Cleaning. Owners Joseph and Lisa DiBruno are local leaders in this industry, having served thousands of new and repeat residential and commercial customers in the Albuquerque area since 1985.

“Our commitment today is the same as it was when we started,” says Joseph. “We have always put customers first with a focus on integrity and quality service. We pride ourselves on being there when you need us there.”

Longevity alone says something about Joseph and Lisa’s dedication to customer service and quality of work. Both Clean Carpet Care and Elite Carpet Cleaning specialize in reviving dirty and contaminated carpet, area rugs, tile, grout, cement and brick flooring, upholstery and drapes using a high-heat, low-humidity truck-mounted steam cleaning system using the most up to date equipment. They also clean air ducts and dryer vents, and work with the safest green products on the market today.

“For customers worried about harmful chemicals coming into their home, rest assured. All our products are 100 percent environmentally safe,” says Joseph. “Everything we use is biodegradable and made from natural products. For instance, we use environmentally safe citrus-based solvents with low residue. We were one of the first local carpet cleaning companies to go green, and we always keep in mind how important it is to eliminate allergens and any other health impacts our products could have. By using green products we’re make each home or business safe from airborne contaminants.”

   Carpet cleaning is truly an art, explains Joseph, and the methods used by his highly trained technicians are proof of this. First, a carpet is thoroughly inspected so the technician can make the proper cleaning recommendations. Second, it is pre-sprayed with a solution that loosens dirt, with special attention to high-traffic areas. Third, the carpet is steam-cleaned; steam is used because it thoroughly cleans and sanitizes at just the right temperature for maximum cleaning effect. Finally, after the carpet goes through one more round of cleaning, the technician “dry strokes” the carpet, then rakes it, leaving the carpet damp, not wet, and allowing it to dry within hours rather than days.

Technicians for both companies can also perform those tasks on carpets that require a higher level of care, such as area rugs or carpets made from wool, which are brought to the company’s warehouse to be cleaned by hand. Special stains on carpets are given particular treatment — for instance, hard-to-remove pet stains are treated with an industrial enzyme.

Clean Carpet Care and Elite Carpet Cleaning also specialize in removing food and drink stains, including juice and red wine, says Joseph. And once a carpet is completely clean, technicians can treat it with a carpet protector — a special Dupont Teflon® product, as opposed to an after-market product.

If a hardwood floor is cleaned, customers are offered a high-gloss product that will preserve the beauty and durability of the floor.

From the beginning, Joseph and Lisa adopted an ethic of providing service quickly and on time. “We have multiple crews, affording us the flexibility to provide same day service,” explains Joseph. “We’ve been incredibly fortunate that we’ve been able to find great technicians as we’ve grown.” 

Offering that kind of fast service, adds Joseph, probably costs him a little more money. “But we prefer a happy repeat customer to a customer that we didn’t fully satisfy because we were trying to increase profits,” he says. “We truly love working with customers and we strive to provide the most personal care possible.”

Joseph and Lisa love working with customers. “We strive to provide the most personal care possible,” he says. “Customers also like to compliment us on the cleanliness of our vans, the impeccable appearance of our technicians and how careful we are inside their homes. For example, we might be the only carpet cleaning companies in town that require technicians to clean their hoses after every job so that they’re ready for the next job. Every day we want to expand our customer base and provide service in the best possible way and we have enough crews to do it so we can accommodate customers in a timely manner.”

Joseph recommends that customers get their carpets cleaned at least once or twice a year, depending upon the level of foot traffic. He notes that Elite Carpet Cleaning and Clean Carpet Care technicians are qualified to correctly clean micro-fiber upholstery and precious Oriental, Navajo, wool and other specialty area rugs. 

Both companies are fully ensured and bonded, and maintain an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. They offer free estimates, online price quotes, a mobile app, and specialize in same-day services.

 “Since 1985 we’ve been serving residents and businesses in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Corrales and the surrounding area with complete carpet and floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, duct cleaning and more,” says Joseph. “You’ve seen our Bubbleman vans around town for years. With such a high demand for our expertise, we’d like to thank our community and local supporters for their trust in opening their doors to our teams. We guarantee satisfaction and will go above and beyond to ensure that you are completely happy with your service.”

Part of that service includes Richard McCoy, who has worked with the DiBrunos for more than 20 years. “Kudos to Richard for sticking with us for all this time,” says Joseph. “He’s one of the most knowledgeable carpet care and duct cleaning master technicians in the Albuquerque area. We depend on him to manage most of the day-to-day operations and he’s always done a great job.”

For quality carpet cleaning call Joseph at 292-1611 or Lisa at 881-6676. Customers are also encouraged to go online at www.cleancarpetcare.com

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