Enjoy Family Treatment with Sunshine Plumbing & Heating

Sunshine Plumbing & Heating owner Joseph Santangelo Jr. learned the lessons of quality customer service from his father Joe and mother Anna. 


After four decades in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning business, family-owned and operated Sunshine Plumbing & Heating Inc. has perfected their approach to business. “We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated — with fairness and honesty,” explains owner Joseph Santangelo Jr. 

Santangelo learned this lesson of quality customer service from his father Joe and mother Anna. The pair immigrated to the United States from Italy, bringing with them a desire to change their past as poor farmers and be able to help others in their new home of Albuquerque. With that vision of opportunity and service, Joe and Anna opened Sunshine Plumbing & Heating in 1973. 

Since that beginning, Sunshine has helped customers with their signature care. “My dad’s business philosophy, that the customer is our most important asset, is what has made us so successful during the past 45 years, when others have gone out of business,” explains Santangelo. 

He learned that through much trial and error — working long hours and getting his hands dirty in various types of projects. “I really understood what the business was about,” adds Santangelo. “My dad, the patron of Sunshine Plumbing, taught me the best lessons of all.” 

And customers clearly appreciate the experience and lessons that the entire crew at Sunshine Plumbing & Heating bring to their jobs. For instance, Santangelo notes that more than half of the company’s business comes from repeat customers or word-of-mouth referrals. The company has achieved an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and earned numerous customer service awards. “We really strive on service, which has been a differentiating factor for us and has given us our longevity,” says Santangelo, adding that they provide the same quality service to residential and commercial projects, regardless of the size of the project. 

Sunshine Plumbing & Heating offers a number of services, including service, repair and installation of heating and cooling equipment — any make or model. They also handle all plumbing issues, including slab leaks, toilets, water heaters, and water and gas lines. The business also provides conversion from evaporating cooling to refrigerated air conditioning as well as cooler replacement and


As temperatures increase across the metro area this summer, many homeowners and business owners will want to keep cool — and Sunshine can help. “We provide air conditioning and other services to keep customers comfortable during the sweltering weather,” says Santangelo. “Refrigerated air, in addition to its superior ability to cool, has many benefits for its users. Those who suffer from allergies will enjoy the filtered air of their refrigeration system. It also adds value to the home and its ability to function is not affected by excess humidity. Unlike evaporative air, refrigerated air maintains a consistent temperature.” 

With any service, Sunshine provides no-obligation, free estimates. “If someone needs a second opinion on a job or bid, we want to be the company they call,” says Santangelo. “Some people have called us panicking because another company quoted them a ridiculously high price, and so we came to help them sort it out. If something doesn’t feel right with a job, customers can call us.”

With the help of brainstorming sessions including the entire staff, Sunshine Plumbing & Heating has chosen to highlight their efforts to make every customer happy, ability to adapt to any job, and general sunny demeanor in their new look. In fact, you might come across the company’s sunny, refreshed brand around town on any of their notable, upcoming commercial projects. For example, the company has done work for Chuze Fitness, a national chain of fitness clubs planned for the Albuquerque area, including one that recently opened at the old Toys R Us building at Winrock Town Center. 

Sunshine Plumbing & Heating was also selected to work with Maverik, a line of modern gas stations that will soon built across the Duke City. And the company is helping with the formation of Tin Can Alley, a multi-option retail space constructed from storage containers, near the southeast corner of Alameda and San Pedro. You can also see the company’s work at Restoration Pizza, a new pizza restaurant spearheaded by Bosque Brewing Company in Journal Center.

If you decide to go with Sunshine for your needs, you’ll receive 24 months of no interest. “You can pay it off in two years without interest added,” explains Santangelo. 

Join the legacy of satisfied Sunshine customers today. For expert service and follow-through, call Sunshine Plumbing & Heating at 296-3188. Arrange a free in-home evaluation and estimate for improved homes and businesses. Customers are also encouraged to visit the company’s website at www.sunshineplumb.com.


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