1. What 1982 AL Cy Young Award winner portrayed fictional New York Yankees slugger Clu Haywood in the 1989 baseball comedy film “Major League”?

2. What player, selected fourth overall in the 1978 NBA Draft by the New York Knicks, was handed a lifetime ban from the league in 1986 for a third drug policy violation?

3. The Golf Channel, one of the first TV networks dedicated to a single sport, was co-founded by media entrepreneur Joseph E. Gibbs and what golf legend?

4. What ice hockey invitational tournament, first held in 1923, is played each year in Davos, Switzerland?

5. What team won the inaugural NCAA Division I women’s beach volleyball championship in 2016?

6. What former NBA player, whose birth name was Brian Carson Williams, went missing in the South Pacific in 2002 and is presumed dead?

7. What two running backs made up the “Thunder and Lightning” tandem during the 2000 New York Giants NFC championship season?

8. Jim Shoulders, Don Gay, Warren G. Brown, George Paul and Larry Mahan were among the inaugural inductees into what Hall of Fame?


1. Pete Vuckovich.

2. Micheal Ray Richardson.

3. Arnold Palmer.

4. The Spengler Cup.

5. The USC Trojans.

6. Bison Dele.

7. Ron Dayne and Tiki Barber, respectively.

8. The Bull Riding Hall of Fame.

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