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Renee Zellweger in Jjudy.”

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“Judy” (PG-13) — Judy Garland comes alive in director Rupert Goold’s biopic starring Renee Zellweger in the title role. It picks up later in the iconic singer’s life, circa 1968, when Garland must take a gig in London, where her star power has not begun to dim, in order to right her rocky finances. This just as she’s attempting to hold on to custody of her children. It also follows her romance with Mickey Deans (Finn Whitrock), who would go on be her fifth husband, as well as flashbacks to her studio days as a child star. The standout performance is Zellweger, who plays Garland masterfully — perhaps too masterfully, as it’s Zellweger you see, rather than any revelations into Garland.

“The Lighthouse” (R) — Insanity’s siren call takes over two lighthouse workers on a remote New England coast in acclaimed director Robert Eggers’ (“The Witch”) stylized psychological torturer “The Lighthouse.” Veteran tender Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe) is joined by new wick man Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson) for a four-week tour of duty. As the hours stretch into days and then into weeks, the close quarters and quirks of the two men create a suffocating maelstrom that threatens to erupt as the pair is doubly cut off from civilization by a storm. The film is shot in a deep, rich black and white with a dizzying vintage feel, and both leads pull off superb performances.

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