Self-Isolating? Time to Binge

Elijah Wood as Frodo in “The Lord of The Rings”.

Just when you thought you were out, they pulled you back in ... to self-isolation, that is. More and more, it seems it’s in your self-interest to find a reason to stay home. Well, I’ve got you covered. Here are eight film collections that require a serious time commitment to work your way through. Go ahead and order the jumbo pack of microwave popcorn. You’re going to need it!

“The Hobbit”/”Lord of the Rings”: The twin trilogies of Middle Earth start with the story of hobbit Bilbo Baggins and continue with his nephew Frodo, each epic unfolding over three weighty films. Director Peter Jackson takes you from Bag’s End past the gates of Mordor on a stunning adventure through the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. To go “there and back again” you’ll need 14 hours, 32 minutes.

Marvel Universe/Avengers: If you’re a subscriber of Disney Plus, you’re in luck. You can stream all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films — save Hulk and the two Spider-Man flicks — on the service. For the wall to wall story of the Avengers, you’ll need a whopping 50 hours, give or take an outtake.

Star Wars: A classic space series that spans generations and is beloved by generations, the seven episodes clock in at just under 16 hours, no matter what order you watch them in. (It’s hotly debated.) Add another 4 hours, 28 minutes if you add “Rogue One” and “Solo” to the watch list.

Harry Potter: Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts, and you can be there for every flick, swish and “expelliarmus,” but you’ll need right at 20 hours to see all eight films of Harry, Ron and Hermione taking on He Who Must Not Be Named.

The Fast and the Furious: Cars, cops, cons and cars are the feature of this high-octane-fueled franchise. There are eight proper films, weighing in just at 10 hours; add another 2 hours, 16 minutes for the spinoff “Hobbs and Shaw,” with more in the pipeline.

Star Trek: Sit in the captain’s chair for an extended voyage on the USS Enterprise. Depending on who’s at the helm, your trip can last as long as 25.5 hours total — 11.5 with William Shatner as Captain Kirk, another 7.5 sailing with Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and 6.5 hours back to Captain Kirk with Chris Pine at the ready.

James Bond: Twenty-five films, five sexy leading men (Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton, Craig) and 53 whopping hours of intrigue will have you shaken, not stirred.

Madea: Tyler Perry’s mischievous matriarch from “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” makes 11 film appearances, from jail to witness protection to not one but two Halloween films, covering a little under 20 hours of commitment.

(Thanks to for some time estimates.)

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