1. FOOD & DRINK: In which U.S. state did Pepsi Cola originate?

2. TELEVISION: What city is the setting for the 1980s medical drama “St. Elsewhere”?

3. PSYCHOLOGY: What fear is represented in the condition called chorophobia?

4. GEOGRAPHY: Which of the Earth’s oceans is the smallest?

5. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the lowest rank in the U.S. Air Force?

6. LANGUAGE: What is the American version of the British plimsolls?

7. MOVIES: Which actor played himself in the movie “Zombieland”?

8. ANIMAL KINGDOM: How many eyes does a bee have?

9. ANATOMY: What are rasceta?

10. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which 20th-century president’s Secret Service code name was Timberwolf?

11. BUSINESS: In what year did Amazon launch?

12. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What animal has no vocal cords?

13. INVENTIONS: When was the can opener invented?


1. North Carolina

2. Boston

3. Fear of dancing

4. Arctic

5. Airman basic

6. Sneakers

7. Bill Murray

8. Five

9. Deep creases at your wrists

10. George Herbert Walker Bush

11. 1994

12. Giraffe

13. 1858 — 50 years after canned food was invented

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