Experience Waterproof and Pet-Proof Carpet and Flooring

If you prefer a warmer feel to a room, Carpet Source can make any space cozy with top brands in carpeting, including Karastan, Mohawk, Shaw and Stainmaster.


After 28 years in business, Don Lovato, owner of Carpet Source, continues to help customers find the best solution to their flooring needs. Through state-of-the-art materials and techniques, Lovato and his accomplished staff can enhance any home or business for an affordable price. Carpet Source uses dust-free tile removal, luxury vinyl plank and tile, and

upper-end carpeting to achieve desired results. 

“We’re the only company in New Mexico that offers dust-free tile removal,” Lovato explains. “We actually love skeptics because they become our biggest disciples. They’re converted when it’s all done dust free!” 

In the efficient process, the crew from Carpet Source uses industrial-grade vacuums with HEPA allergy-reducing filters to ensure all dust from tile removal is eliminated. “Customers are impressed that the only dust is the everyday stuff that comes in from the outside, and we even clean that up,” says Lovato. 

There are many reasons why dust-free tile removal is one of the best choices for taking out old tile. “Many people don’t want the fine dust to clog up appliances, TVs, computers and other electronics in the home,” explains Lovato. “A lot of people do it for reasons that are related to cleanliness and hassle. There is also more and more research that shows the grout and adhesive under the tile contains crystalline silicon — you can get lung disease from that and get sick during the removal process.” Carpet Source’s unique dust-free tile removal allows customers and their belongings to remain in the home without fear of contamination. 

Another exceptional product Carpet Source offers its customers is luxury vinyl plank or tile. This is not your mom’s vinyl, Lovato notes with a smile. Indeed, this increasingly popular flooring choice offers customers the high-end look of wood flooring with the versatility and durability of vinyl. “LVP, or luxury vinyl plank, is very realistic,” he says. “People love it because it looks and feels like wood, but you can mop them or clean them with specialty vacuums, like the Shark®, which can’t be used on other flooring.” 

Turn on any home design show and you will most likely see luxury vinyl plank make an appearance. Why is this material quickly becoming the go-to flooring choice in stylish homes across the country? “Luxury vinyl plank is not only easy to clean and maintain, but it also offers a huge variety in design,” says Lovato. “It comes in multiple designs — from contemporary to classic to rustic and everything in between — and it can complement just about every style.”

“Many of our luxury vinyl flooring have high-definition visuals and textures on the flooring products, and it’s the exact texture of a hardwood floor, giving it an uber-

realistic high-definition look and feel,” he continues. “High-

definition isn’t just for the digital device these days. Our luxury vinyl flooring is warrantied against pet stains, not pet damage.” 

 Luxury vinyl plank also appeals because of the quick installation time and the way it improves acoustics in any room. “It’s very quiet when you walk on it, and the sounds from your TV and stereo aren’t as sharp to the ear,” Lovato explains. “The luxury vinyl plank softens the high pitch.”

Luxury vinyl plank and tile can be particularly attractive in a climate like New Mexico’s. With a lot of sand and dust comes a more frequent need to clean and luxury vinyl flooring can hold up. “It’s also extremely pet friendly. Whether it’s big dogs, cats or puppy accidents, the flooring won’t be damaged,” says Lovato.

Carpet Source is also one of the few local companies that offer waterproof hardwood flooring, notes Lovato. “It’s an amazing product, and it’s also guaranteed against pet stains,” he says.  

If you prefer a warmer feel to a room, Carpet Source can make any space cozy with top brands in carpeting, including Karastan, Mohawk, Shaw and Stainmaster. “Carpet is ideal for keeping rooms warmer and quiet. You can play on the floor with kids and grandkids or get out of the bed onto soft carpet,” Lovato says, adding that many homes in Albuquerque have concrete foundations, so adding carpet to your home is a great solution to make your house comfortable.

Carpet Source carries all the latest fashions, designs and colors in carpeting. A newer product that Lovato and his staff are excited about is SmartStrand Silk. “It feels like silk but it’s extremely durable like denim, nearly 100 percent stain proof and still soft as a kitten’s fur,” he says. 

When you work with Carpet Source, you’re not only 

getting the best products and craftsmanship, you also receive exceptional customer care. With their traveling carpet showroom, Carpet Source makes flooring decisions even easier. “You can’t really select flooring in a showroom because you need to see it in the environment it’s going to be installed in, what the lighting and other décor is like,” Lovato explains. 

Going to the customer also allows the Carpet Source team to better serve the customer. Not only do they measure the dimensions of the room where the new flooring will be installed, they also take into account foot traffic and wear patterns in the flooring, lifestyle with a family or pets, and décor, as well as other aspects of the space to come up with an accurate estimate on the spot. “We can help them design a floor that complements the current design of their home or office,” says Lovato. “A significant portion of our business is commercial jobs, and we help business owners to accomplish the image they want to portray to their clientele.” 

For the past seven years, Carpet Source has received the “Super Service Award” from Angie’s List for both their carpet and flooring services. Customers love the attention to detail, knowledge and conscientious practices of the capable crew at Carpet Source. 

If you’re looking for speed, safety, cleanliness and the most attractive designs on the market, give Carpet Source a call today. You can reach the friendly staff at 315-2700 to arrange a home visit or ask for advice. Visit their website at www.carpetsourceusa.com for a treasure trove of information. Be sure to check out their ad on page 35 in this month’s issue of New Mexico MarketPlace for a special deal.

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