3 Go-To Beauty Products for Summer

Lightweight products, like tinted moisturizer and coconut oil lip balm, will give you a sun-kissed look for summer.

With summer here, everyone is seeking the best beauty inspiration for the warmer weather styles and sun-kissed looks. Whether you are planning for a staycation or jet-setting across the country, these easy and effective steps can make your face glow and look vibrant for the season.

Need some suggestions? Actress and model Olivia Culpo shares her three go-to summer beauty products to keep her shining from the inside and out all summer long:

• Tinted moisturizer: Summer days call for a more subtle, no-makeup-makeup look to show off your glowing skin. To maintain a dewy summer look, Culpo swears by skipping heavy coverage that comes from your typical foundation and opting for lightweight tinted moisturizers. That way, you’re guaranteed to have dewy moisturized skin with an evened complexion. Tinted moisturizers also come with SPF so you’re covered all day long.

• Makeup remover wipes: When you’re on the go, there’s nothing better than turning to cleansing wipes in times of need. They’re quick, easy, affordable and get the job done. Culpo keeps them handy for hot summer days when she needs a quick touch-up.

• Coconut oil lip balm: Paired with a beautiful, white smile, coconut oil lip balm gives you luscious lips with the perfect amount of shine. Coconut oil is ultra-hydrating, with a moisturizing power to nourish and smooth out your lips. Plus, the tropical coconut scent gives you the feeling that you’re on a beach getaway, so you can get vacation vibes wherever you are.

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