Loving where you live can be such a great investment, especially as home prices across the metro area have increased by more than 15 percent over the past year, according to the Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors. And whether you intend to keep your residence for the long-haul or are thinking about putting it on the market, look no further than Yourson Construction to correct any cosmetic and operational issues without demolishing any part of your home.

In business for over three decades, Yourson Construction is a leader in the local home remodeling industry. Specializing in bathroom and kitchen restorations, the company’s proven methods have saved homeowners time and money by renewing aging tile, showers, tubs, countertops and cabinets rather than removing or replacing them.

A family-owned company, Yourson Construction has maintained an excellent track record in customer satisfaction, including an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company also enjoys many positive reviews on websites such as Google and Angie’s List.

If you ask owner Paul Barragan about the many services offered by Yourson Construction, he quickly returns the topic of conversation to the company’s work in completing bathroom restorations. Restoring a bathroom to its original glory, he says, not only enhances its appearance and resale value, but it can also help improve a homeowner’s mood. “The bathroom is normally where we start our day and it’s also the room where we end our day, prior to going to bed,” he explains. “When a bathroom is rundown, it takes away your energy. But with a remodeled or restored bathroom, it changes your mentality and gives you inspiration to tackle the day ahead and makes you feel so much better about yourself.”

Although scrubbing your own fixtures might seem like a quick and inexpensive way to renew the look of a bathroom, cleaning chemicals and Albuquerque’s notorious hard water can wreak havoc on bathtubs, sinks, showers and tile, notes Barragan. “Cleaning products are caustic and acidic, causing grout and caulk to break down,” he says. “When your bath, shower or kitchen becomes damaged, it could be the beginning of many structural problems.”

Instead, Yourson Construction sanitizes and diminishes hard water and soap scum stains on ceramic tile, cultured marble, fiberglass and door enclosures, and seals them from further water damage, bringing them back to a like-new appearance that’ll last. “Returning tubs and showers to like-new condition can help homeowners avoid hundreds or thousands of dollars in replacement costs,” says Barragan.

Bathroom restorations, suggests Barragan, are also time effective and can be completed in a couple of days, depending on the scope of work, versus the amount of time it takes to complete a full remodel. According to Barragan, Yourson Construction completes 2,500 bathroom projects each year on average, so you know you’ll be working with an experienced company.

Yourson Construction’s longevity in the community, respectful demeanor and dependable service are backed with a customer satisfaction guarantee, complete with a one-year warranty on service, labor and materials. The following is just a sampling of the positive feedback the company has received over the years.

“We loved working with Paul and his son,” says customer Teri Driscol. “They were very professional and helped us with our decision on remodeling our bathroom into a walk-in shower. Their pricing was very reasonable and the finished product is beautiful!”

Another satisfied Yourson Construction customer, Dan Nash, recalls: “I was pleased with the competitiveness of their quote, as well as the responsiveness of the company and the team,” he says.

For his tub-to-walk-in-shower conversion, the company happily worked with Nash on his choice of tile. “They didn’t nickel-and-dime me on any of the products — honestly, I was kind of shocked. I believe some other companies would’ve charged higher prices.”

The job itself was also a winner, notes Nash. “Everything was handled promptly and to my satisfaction — I’m very happy with it,” he says.

To keep up with the demand of homeowners aging in place well into their retirement years, Yourson Construction is adept at converting existing bathrooms to meet Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. And while a monetary price tag can be affixed to a bathroom restoration or renovation, the peace of mind associated with the reduced risks of falls or injuries cannot be over-valued, says Barragan.

As a GB-98 general contractor company that’s bonded and insured, Yourson Construction can also provide flooring installations, kitchen remodeling and whole-house remodels. Indeed, no job is too small or too big for them.

Yourson also offers tune-up services for existing and new customers. They can touch up grout and caulk, and work on any small maintenance job that is needed on an hourly service basis. Even if you have already worked with a different contractor, Yourson will come to you with their shower and tub services to keep any bathroom or kitchen looking and running like new.   

With lockdown orders in effect during much of the past year, many homeowners have noticed that some areas of their home have been neglected over time, notes Barragan. “We’ve been pretty busy helping homeowners resolve those issues, and I think it helps them feel better about the services we perform when they are on site for most of the day,” he says.

As for COVID-safe practices, Yourson Construction employees not only wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, goggles and face coverings, but they make sure to keep a safe distance when interacting with clients.

To improve any area of your home and start loving where you live again, call Yourson Construction at 298-3871 to schedule an in-home consultation. Barragan can also provide references from satisfied customers. To learn more about all the great services that the company provides, visit www.yoursonconstruction.com.

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Yourson Construction

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