At Rocky Mountain Stone, Quality Shows. Period.

Natural stone is like beautiful jewelry for your home, explains Rocky Mountain Stone owner Scott Lardner.

Ask Scott Lardner, owner of Albuquerque’s Rocky Mountain Stone, about their business and you’ll know you’re dealing with a true professional. His knowledge and expertise run deep, reflected in how he describes his work. “The stunning beauty of what mother nature provides is revealed to us every day. Marble, granite, quartzite, soapstone and travertine from every continent have been through our yard, and to see those materials finished and put into a home or business is very rewarding.” He goes on to compare the natural stone he works with on a regular basis to jewelry for your home. Each customer Rocky Mountain Stone gets to work with is an opportunity for Scott and his team to know they had a part in the process of something tantamount to giving a loved one a new diamond necklace. When asked about the passion behind his work, owner Scott describes the challenge of dealing with the variables within the natural world, coupled with those inherent in construction, as well as the challenge of simply running the business side of Rocky Mountain Stone, making for interesting days and a wide spectrum of satisfaction.

Rocky Mountain Stone began back in 1963 by Scott’s parents. “My folks moved west from upstate New York back in 1958. My dad was a mason and worked for a couple of years in Colorado Springs when they were first building the Air Force Academy,” Scott explains. “He had started pilot training in New York and wanted to finish that up, but the closest program was in Albuquerque at Kirtland Air Force Base. They moved to Albuquerque in 1959 and put down roots... so, this is home.”

Scott, having graduated from NMSU in 1983 with a degree in operations management, cut his teeth in a quarry and processing facility in Belen, before returning to take over the family business. “We did our first granite countertop project in 1986 and have developed that end of the business over the past 30-plus years,” says Scott. “We’ve also been involved in many high-profile commercial projects over the years, supplying everything from pavers to exterior stone cladding. Having been involved in processing and installing over 1.3 million square feet of countertops has given us a depth of experience that drives what we do every day.”

That same depth of experience is something that customers like Ron Hensly have come to expect. “I remodeled a 100-year-old adobe home and looked for a countertop to match. Rocky Mountain Stone was the only place that came up with something for me. It was a special water-brushed granite that I could not get anywhere else. They were great to work with and were very punctual. They were also priced very competitively as well. When I started showing the home, I received many compliments on the kitchen and in particular the countertops. What a great job! I recommend them to all my clients and friends.”

Quality shows. Period. So does longevity. Since Scott has been in and around the stone business here in New Mexico, he lends a keen view into how the future of this vocation is continuing to unfold for the people of the southwest. “I believe New Mexico has a tremendous amount of potential. The wide-open spaces, the incredible weather, diverse landscape, unique cuisine and culture, all combine to make for a great place to live, raise families and retire,” Scott explains. “If we continue to bring in high-tech industries and move towards a more business-friendly environment, then both residential and commercial construction opportunities will flourish.” Specifically, he remarks, “I think there will probably be more multi-family projects over the next few years and continued commercial work as our cities grow.”

But it’s not just Scott who can see the difference. Rocky Mountain Stone’s customers can see how current growth and Scott’s continued quality has been reflected in his work. “Superb granite job done,” congratulates Ebubekir Orsun. “I want to thank Scott for being a great businessman in Albuquerque. My home became ‘The Home of Enchantment.’”

Knowledge and expertise are one thing, but heart is another. That’s why Scott and Rocky Mountain Stone also take deep pride in helping out their local community as well. “We’re a reliable, professionally run stone shop that our local construction industry can depend on for high-quality products, service and finished work,” Scott explains. “We’re involved in numerous non-profit organizations and support several children’s programs and educational efforts. This is our home and we want to make it the best place to live in the country!”

Another one of their happy customers, Karen Vaught, puts it this way, “RMS helped us from long distance with a kitchen countertop install for our rental property. During the initial measure, they checked out the cabinets and flooring and gave us granite recommendations that would match. They made the whole process simple, they’re friendly and nice, and are very timely in communication. I heartily recommend RMS. Go local!”

Scott Lardner and his team invite you to come experience their top-of-the-line craftsmanship for yourself. Contact Rocky Mountain Stone by visiting their website at, or call 505-317-4320.

Business Info:

Rocky Mountain Stone

4741 Pan American Freeway NE

(505) 317-4320

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