Axiom Solutions, a local family owned and operated company that offers kitchen upgrades through Granite Transformations, believes in contributing to a better lifestyle for New Mexicans.

“This business is that opportunity to bring a level of quality — not just of service and products but of living — to the people of New Mexico,” shares Jared Williams, Axiom’s marketing director. “It’s our way to give back to the community we were raised in and that we’re raising our own families in, as well as treating our neighbors to a level of service that I think many New Mexicans aren’t used to receiving.”

That level of service includes their Signature Service team that accompanies you through every step of your kitchen upgrade with Granite Transformations. Axiom’s Signature Service Team separates Axiom from competitors. “Our Signature Service Team is really the communication hub of the company,” explains Williams. “Their whole role from time of sale to completed install and even beyond, is keeping you informed and educating you. We really care about communicating with you throughout the process.”

The Granite Transformations’ process is more streamlined and much quicker than a full kitchen remodel. Instead of ripping out your existing kitchen, they overlay countertops with engineered stone and offer cabinet refacing in many different color and style options to complement your new countertops.

Granite Transformations’ countertop overlay slabs have extraordinary benefits for the environment as well as for the individual customer. Uniquely beautiful, the countertops are made with recycled glass bottles that are difficult to repurpose otherwise because of their distinct pigments. These bottles would accumulate in the landfill if not crushed and mixed with chunks of granite or quartz to create a remarkable countertop slab for a stunning kitchen, Williams notes. “It’s an engineered stone, and it’s all done with about 75% recycled post-consumer product,” he says about the countertop slabs. “We have certifications for our very green manufacturing process.” Granite Transformations’ certifications include ones from the U.S. Green Building Council, GREENGUARD and NSF.

In addition to a beautiful and environmentally friendly product, ForeverSeal® and Microban are incorporated into each engineered stone slab to ensure a non-porous, anti-microbial surface. With ForeverSeal®, countertops never need to be sealed again, and Microban works to kill bacteria for the life of the product, Williams explains. He adds, “We’re the only company that puts Microban inside of the countertop.” The countertops are heat-, stain- and scratch-resistant, says Williams, and Granite Transformations offers a limited lifetime warranty on their countertops.

Depending on the scope of the project, your kitchen install can be completed in as little as a day — no need to disrupt your family’s routine or live without your kitchen for weeks or months. “There’s very little stress and very little mess to our process,” says Williams. “It’s definitely a less intrusive way to upgrade your kitchen.” Concerning cabinet refacing, there’s a benefit over whole cabinet replacement that a customer may not have considered. “If you have a house that was built in the 1980s or earlier, those cabinets in your home are probably better quality than what new cabinets would be,” points out Williams.  

Granite Transformations builds your countertops to your kitchen’s specifications here in New Mexico, protecting your finished slabs from transportation accidents. Once your chosen materials arrive or are manufactured, the install can be accomplished quickly and with minimum inconvenience. Customers dreaming of an updated kitchen for the holidays should schedule a free in-home consultation now.

Eager for that in-home consultation to imagine and plan your kitchen’s transformation? Same-day or next-day appointments are often available, and the appointment usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Before the appointment, customers can experiment with the visualizer tool on, building their updated kitchen virtually and saving the results. Granite Transformations’ design consultant then has a head start tailoring products to your vision, thanks to this tool, and will educate you about different options, measure your space and give you an estimate.

Want your bathroom transformed instead? Granite Transformations revitalizes more than kitchens. They create amazing bathrooms with upgraded showers and vanities, and your bathroom install can be completed in as little as a day, too.

With all the services offered to its customers, Axiom Solutions has come a long way from its inception in a local garage. David Linfoot and Larry Ebbens founded Axiom Solutions about five years ago in New Mexico, and Axiom has since expanded to seven cities across three states. In addition to Granite Transformations and Bath Planet renovations, Axiom Solutions tackles home improvement projects such as window replacement and stucco services. Whatever your home improvement dreams may be, Axiom Solutions likely has the resources to realize them. Jessica, an Axiom customer, praised the company in a review: “What a great family oriented company; my husband and I just remodeled bathrooms in our house, and I couldn’t be happier. Amazing customer service!”

Ready to improve the quality of life inside your home with a company that believes you also deserve quality of service? Eager to update your kitchen or bath with an elegant, durable and maintenance-free engineered stone that’s great for the environment? Call Granite Transformations to schedule a free in-home consultation at (505) 375-2110 or visit to plan your renovation today.

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