Carpet Source Makes Flooring Shopping Easy

Don Lovato, owner of Carpet Source, brings his mobile flooring showroom to his customers’ homes, where they can match colors and styles to their own décor.

Carpet Source owner, Don Lovato, has been working in the flooring industry for nearly three decades. Early in his career, while overseeing a traditional showroom, Don began to observe that it took the average customer approximately 4.7 separate trips to the store before making their final selection from among the samples that they’d taken home with them. Then, it seemed to him that when a final decision was made, more often than not, it was made with some degree of exasperation — because the customer was simply wanting to put an end to the back and forth.

Don also observed that customers generally experienced two things when they entered the showroom. Not only did they have a sense of being overwhelmed by the dazzling array of products, but also the mental image they had of their interior space, where the new flooring would presumably go, was now a faded image — left behind at their home or office as their mind was filled with options.

So, when a customer happened to request that flooring samples be brought to his home, Don honored the request, and immediately became aware that a “traveling showroom” afforded shoppers not only an appreciated convenience, but also made them feel pampered.

This new “home-service customer” quickly became a satisfied client, and referred a neighbor who also wished to shop from the comfort of home. As word-of-mouth requests trickled in, this unique service began to transform into what is now a well-orchestrated, At-Your-Door Floor Store. With lower overhead cost, shopping at home means an overall savings for you — more service for less money!

Fast forward to 2021, where there is no “hazy vision” of your interior space because Carpet Source provides service where it counts — your home. Your technician will be evaluating and measuring in real time and place, taking into consideration the existing interior decor: appliances, furniture, wall color, lighting, wear patterns and more.

The distinctive type of service that Carpet Source provides goes above and beyond, to make sure that you’re never just “okay” with your new flooring choice, but rather that you are “in love” with it!

A family-based business, Carpet Source operates from two fully-equipped vans which, upon appointment, arrive at your home or business ready to assist you with all of your flooring needs. Every employee at Carpet Source is trained for a full year in order to have the necessary expertise in design, including color, texture and spatial accommodations. Several short videos on the company’s website offer a convenient visual introduction to Don, his accomplished staff, and the services that they offer.

Also featured on the website at are “33 Things You Must Know Before You Install Your Next Carpet or Floor.” For instance, one answer to a frequently asked question is, “Yes, it’s hypoallergenic!” Another answer is, “Yes, the removal process is completely dust-free!” What about pet stains? “Yes, they are removable!”

In fact, according to Don, Carpet Source is the only flooring company in New Mexico that can boast of tile removal that is completely dust free. Industrial-grade vacuums with HEPA allergy-

reducing filters eliminate any potential health concerns surrounding the undesirable toxin, crystalline silicon. Additionally, this means there is no worry of allergies getting triggered or any home appliances becoming clogged by toxic dust, Don says.

State-of-the-art materials include luxury vinyl plank (LVP), and high-end carpet — both of which are low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), non-toxic and made mostly in America. Carpet Source features top brands like Karastan, Mohawk and Shaw.

Most people agree that having carpet installed in a room “warms” it up. Why not consider SmartStrand Silk, a carpet that feels like silk but is as durable as denim, and nearly 100% stain-proof? Having vinyl plank flooring installed improves the acoustics in many rooms, and is not damaged by frequent mopping or even vacuuming with a machine like the Shark®, which can’t be used on other flooring.

The Carpet Source installation process uses non-toxic, water-based adhesives or staples; either method produces no lingering smell.

Your request for an estimate can be made via email at, or by calling the office at 505-315-2700 to schedule a free, in-home consultation that suits your schedule. Either way, when the technician arrives at your home or office, rest assured he will be wearing protective gear, and will take any additional precautions that you deem necessary to ensure your peace of mind.

A detailed, hard-copy quote can be printed on the spot, or you may have the quote emailed to you. Currently,

interest-free financing is available for up to 12 months.

Once everything is finalized, depending upon the season, you’ll be admiring and showing off your new floor within a one- to two-week time frame.

Carpet Source has received awards for stellar service from Angie’s List eight years in a row, and Don encourages anyone who is considering new flooring to read through the 850+ five-star reviews. Carpet Source looks forward to answering any further questions or addressing any concerns you may have; give them a call today.

Business Info:

Carpet Source USA

(505) 315-2700

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