Enjoy Comfort in Your Home with Moore Quality Air

Jonathan McDaniel (left) and Anthony Hughes, owners of Moore Quality Air, are ready to make your home more comfortable — no matter what the weather.

The rise of in-home air quality and comfort has grown this past year. Working and learning from home full-time — or more of the time — significantly changed our need for making our homes suitable to our changing lifestyles. Also, with a decrease in travel and entertainment options, investing in our home for live-work-play has become a growing trend, HVAC equipment included. For the owners of Moore Quality Air, this meant accommodating the rising demand and quickly adapting for new safety measures, all while keeping costs affordable and even providing deals that will make every homeowner excited about their investment.

How? With Albuquerque’s trusted HVAC experts, Moore Quality Air, of course!

With having a local go-to HVAC company all the more crucial, it’s no wonder more and more homeowners are turning to Moore Quality Air. During a recent interview, co-owner Jonathan McDaniel reaffirmed his company’s dedication to providing quality installations and service for their customers in today’s cautionary environment.

 “Quality is our middle name,” explains McDaniel. “We love hearing back from our customers, telling us how comfortable their homes are with their new Rheem HVAC equipment installs.”

When it comes to heating and cooling, Moore Quality Air can handle projects for residential and small commercial businesses. McDaniel says maintenance is the key to longevity in heating and cooling systems. “Most common problems come from a lack of maintenance,” he explains. “Some homeowners are not aware of the care and maintenance their systems need to run efficiently 24/7.”

Together with his business partner, Anthony Hughes, McDaniel continues to provide the community with comfort and quality installations at a fair price — dedication which has earned them the mutual respect and admiration of customers like Vanessa Vanhille.

 “We couldn’t be more pleased with this company,” she says. “We have used them twice now. The first time was for a furnace that didn’t turn on in the winter. The second time was to replace a water heater. Both times, Anthony did an exceptional job of diagnosing the problem correctly and explaining, in detail, what the problem was to me. He was professional, courteous, and reasonably priced. Moore has our business.”

Both McDaniel and Hughes take pride in their work, and the company has received positive reviews on Google, Yelp and Home Advisor. “We work very hard to make sure our customers are satisfied with our work,” says McDaniel. “We really appreciate them.”

When asked to share a few practical tips for area homeowners McDaniel suggests customers think of their HVAC system the same way they think of their car. “You need to keep it maintained in order for it to run at optimal condition. Well, the same idea applies to your heating and cooling system.”

He also recommends getting your HVAC equipment inspected at least once a year and the air filter changed out between 30-90 days. McDaniel goes on to stress the importance of thoroughly researching local HVAC companies whenever work is needed. Ask questions like, are they licensed and insured? Do they have a sound reputation in the community? “Locally-owned companies have more at stake to do the best job possible the first time,” says McDaniel. “Our success at Moore Quality Air has been a team effort. We’ve had the luxury of hiring some of the best HVAC techs and plumbers in the area,” he says, “whom we worked alongside at other companies. They have an outstanding mechanical skill set and amazing customer service reputations. We’ve been fortunate to build a strong team of professionals, and our customers ask for them by name.”

Moore Quality Air can install, repair and service all makes and models of HVAC units. They can also install or repair faucets, water heaters and garbage disposals. In addition, Moore Quality Air can also help with gas furnaces and heat pumps. A large part of their business involves converting evaporative cooling systems to refrigerated air systems in homes. “Having refrigerated air makes it so much more comfortable while indoors,” says McDaniel. “I love knowing that no matter if it’s freezing cold or really hot outside, our customers are in their homes comfortable and happy because of the work we did.”

Moore Quality Air now offers a wide array of electrical services that include electrical wiring or panel upgrades, lighting fixtures, outlets, electrical switches and more. From home lighting projects to RV hookups, McDaniel and the team at Moore Quality Air are ready to step up to the challenge. “Clients really appreciate our ability to check multiple items off their repair list, especially all in one appointment. We have learned to ask, ‘Do you want us to look at any other electrical needs while we are here?’” shares McDaniel.

Those interested can also find some of the best deals of the year from Moore Quality Air on refrigerated air conversions during February and March. “We are competitively priced with an emphasis on quality,” says McDaniel.

Visit Moore Quality Air online at www.moorequalityair.com or call them at 505-221-6352 to schedule an in-home service or consultation.

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Moore Quality Air

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