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Teamwork is the name of the game at Sandia Marble — your home for beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. Pictured here, in front of a cultured marble piece the company created are (from left) Clovis, owner Valerie Maes, Fred, Jeremy and Ruben.

With a dedicated team of professionals, it’s no wonder that Sandia Marble makes customer dreams come true. Whether it’s a new look for kitchen counters or a creative bathroom conversion, Sandia Marble carries out the process with the customer in mind. As owner Valerie Maes says, “what I really love about this company is the teamwork, the people and how we all come together and execute for the customer.”

All roles at Sandia Marble are customer oriented. The estimators, Fred and Ruben, describe their relationships to clients on a recent summer morning. “We are usually the first face they see when someone calls for an estimate — and we love that we get to meet new people and help solve their challenges,” says Ruben.  As the estimators, Fred and Ruben measure and price jobs, help customers with their layouts and designs, and oversee project progress.  Sometimes, customers have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish, while others want more information. Sandia Marble welcomes both and is happy to help in whatever way possible. “We start by asking them a lot of questions to find out where they want to be at the end of their project,” Ruben says. One of the best ways to begin, for uncertain and sure customers alike, is the impressive showroom at Sandia Marble. Here, you can view a wide variety of materials and designs.

Customers can also access the experienced crew in other ways. “People can call, send in plans online, walk in the showroom,” Fred explains. “That’s what’s awesome about us, we have different ways customers can get a feel for their project.” In fact, Sandia Marble uses the newest technology to help people envision their dreams. With the help of laser templating for custom countertops, customers can lay out their new plans and even pick specific areas of the material to use. “With the laser that makes the template, we can lay out the design beforehand along with their material,” Fred explains.

In addition to working alongside customers to achieve a new, revitalized space, Fred and Ruben also enjoy the camaraderie with their colleagues at Sandia Marble. “It’s a really good working environment, which makes a huge difference,” says Ruben. Fred agrees, saying, “Everyone’s attitude is positive. Part of it is Valerie [the owner] — she gets along with everyone and makes doing the job easier.”

Another co-worker — Jason, who handles the template creation for jobs — echoes the same appreciation for Valerie and the atmosphere at Sandia Marble. “It’s amazing to work for Sandia Marble. The company and Valerie have been supportive in multiple ways.” In particular, Valerie has worked with Jason’s schedule, helping him keep his career with both Sandia Marble and the military. “She’s been so understanding of my military commitment. Just awesome overall!”

It’s easy to feel the love when you step inside Sandia Marble, where each employee works harmoniously on jobs ranging large and small. Once Fred and Ruben help a customer choose materials and design, Jason and Jeremy go to the customer’s house to measure for the most accurate templates. “We can add bump outs, radiuses, anything they want to add. We can then show the customer on our tablet what it’s going to look like, so they get a better idea of the layout, the square footage, everything,” Jason explains. The technology also allows for precise cutting and installation, saving time and money on materials.

From there, the expert installers put the materials into place, making sure the veins line up and pieces are seamed together. “The manufacturers, fabricators and installers really care about what they’re doing,” Ruben says.  Clovis Griñe manages the operations for the company, and is responsible for job and schedule execution.

Overseeing it all is owner Valerie Maes who has made customer and employee satisfaction a priority no matter the latest trends and technology. “I enjoy that the work is very tangible,” Valerie explains. “A customer comes in, has a problem — whether they need to update their bathroom or kitchen countertop — and we are here to help them solve that problem.” With that tangible work comes concrete results, and the reviews are in; customers, both new construction and remodelers, rave about Sandia Marble. “We love hearing about how satisfied they are with the work, how beautiful the room turned out to be,” Valerie says. “The company is so interconnected between suppliers, the employees in the office, the installers, the manufacturing and fabrication department — there are a lot of touch points, and they all work with the customer in mind.”

Because of their great results in customized kitchen countertops and bathroom work, Sandia Marble enjoys referral and new business. Sandia Marble can work with granite, quartz and marble, and they also manufacture their own synthetic composites such as cultured marble and polystone for the bathroom, which can range from shower pans and panels to countertops. They even offer Piedrafina marble, an innovative and elegant eco-friendly product. No matter the material, Sandia Marble will bring their signature attention to detail to every job.

Valerie encourages anyone interested to step into the showroom, where they can see some of the latest trends for themselves. Customers can also call or email to set up a visit. Sandia Marble is fully licensed, bonded and insured, and all work is guaranteed for one year.  The company is also a recipient of an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and received the Best of Houzz 2018 Service award. They have an active website at sandiamarble.com as well as Facebook and Instagram pages that showcase their work.

Give this locally owned and operated business a visit, call or email to get started on your unique vision. They are happy to help! Sandia Marble is located at 1424 First St. NW and is open from 8am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday. You can also reach them at 505-843-7490 or info@sandiamarble.com.

Business Info:

Sandia Marble

(505) 843-7490

1424 First St. NW


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