Imagine, you’re ready for an updated, gorgeous kitchen or bathroom, and are just getting excited when the expected doubts creep in. How long will this really take? How many places will you have to visit? Who can you trust with this complex process? Fear no more. At Poulin Design Center, leave your worries at the door. With a talented and knowledgeable staff, the latest design technology, and access to a huge variety of products, Poulin Design Center provides a stress-free, happy remodeling experience.

When you enter the welcoming and attractive Poulin Design Center, you open the doors to four distinct advantages the company offers their customers. Owner Tom Poulin explains, “Our system really helps alleviate the common fears people have when they think of remodeling.” To make the process easy and enjoyable, Poulin Design Center offers four advantages: 1) a well-stocked design center to select products, 2) a professional designer to help with product selection and design, 3) a state-of-the-art 3D virtual reality experience, and 4) a unique system of installation. “Our four-part system gives the customer more confidence,” Tom says.  

You need look no further than the customers who have worked with Poulin to see just how exemplary the company is. Joe and Ronnie came to Poulin Design Center to bring their kitchen into the 21st century. Immediately, they saw the advantages of designing their new kitchen at the Design Center. “All the material and suggested products are on display. There was a choice of cabinets, different grades of cabinets, different colors of cabinets. Same thing with the tile and countertop selections. It was all in one place,” Joe explains. The Poulin Design Center was created as a place for customers to immerse themselves in the design experience, with a range of styles and materials on display. Joe and Ronnie found their ideal kitchen in one spot. “We didn’t have to run around to different locations to see a complete kitchen. We could see everything in one place.”

If the thought of perusing samples makes you anxious, fear not! The second distinct advantage that Poulin offers can help. With over 25 years of experience, the Poulin professional designers will guide you through the process. Knowledgeable and creative, the designers will answer questions, make recommendations and be there to help in any way. For their kitchen, Joe and Ronnie worked with Daniela, who Ronnie recalls as “very insightful and a great guide.” Joe adds, “Sometimes we know what we want, but we don’t have the vision; the designer had the vision and she could pull things together.”

The third pillar of Poulin Design Center’s distinct advantages is the one-of-a-kind 3D Virtual Reality Experience. With this VR, customers can experience a virtual representation of the planned space. “With VR, you can step into your own kitchen,” explains Vanessa Cervantes, the marketing assistant at Poulin. “We measure your existing space to the inch, put the products you like and measurements in the system, then show you what it could look like. This is not some generic kitchen or bathroom — it’s your kitchen, your bathroom!” she explains. For Joe and Ronnie, seeing their planned renovations was a huge help. “One of the major changes we did as a result of the 3D, was swapping the peninsula to the other side of the kitchen,” says Joe. With the VR at Poulin Design Center, you can truly experience what a plan on paper will look like before it’s brought to life.

A major aspect that makes renovations nerve-wracking is the installation. So often, one hears of installations gone awry, money and time estimates blown past, and careless workers disrespecting a home. With Poulin Design Center’s experienced installation team, worry no more. “We created a unique system of installation that cuts the time by 40 percent,” Tom explains. For their first 25 years, Poulin installed the traditional way, using subcontractors. Tom saw how if one contractor failed to show up, it created a domino effect and extended project time. Now in their 37th year of business, Poulin Design Center has been able to cut 40 percent off production time. When Joe and Ronnie heard their remodel would only take three weeks, they were skeptical. “I did not believe that it would only take three weeks to do the complete remodel, but it did! They kept to their promise, which was very, very satisfying to us,” Ronnie says.

“When people think about remodeling, they don’t know who to call, and whether they can trust them. They fear making product and design decisions, fear having to go all over town and figure this out, fear being torn up for months,” says Tom. “Our system alleviates the most common fears, and gives the customer confidence.”

At Poulin Design Center, customers will also find Re-Bath, the innovative and effective customized bathroom remodeling system. They also provide flooring and solar design and installation. The company focuses on residential remodels in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe area.

Achieve your remodeling dreams stress-free by visiting Poulin Design Center in Albuquerque at 8600 Pan American Fwy. NE, in Santa Fe at 1300 Rufina Cir., Suite B-1, or online at You can also set up a free design consultation by calling (505) 340-2841.

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Business Info:

Poulin Design Center

8600 Pan American Fwy. NE; 1300 Rufina Cir., Suite B-1 (Santa Fe)

(505) 340-2841

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