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Southwest Greens creates and installs beautiful, entertaining and low-maintenance outdoor landscapes for homes and businesses.

Have your dreams of transforming your yard into a beautiful oasis failed to come true? Are you frustrated that no matter how many gallons of water or hours of sweat you pour into your lawn, it still has weeds and bare patches instead of being the lush lawn you imagined? Do you wish for a pleasant, interesting backyard to host summer barbecues for family and friends? If so, it is time to consider a water-conserving alternative to grass in our desert environment.

In 2002 Scott Forster left the golfing business to found Southwest Greens of New Mexico, a division of Shaw Industries that produces 100% USA-made turf. Southwest Greens of New Mexico, serving New Mexico and West Texas, installs synthetic grass, pet turf, cushioned playground turf and putting greens, and is operated by Scott and his brother/business partner Steve Forster. “We can make a very big impact on somebody’s home or business location in a very short period of time,” says Scott. The Forsters strive to maintain their excellent record of customer service and appreciate the steady business they receive from customer referrals. “Our quality of service and our customer service is second to none. We get more clients telling us that, starting from the point of sale all the way through the process, how wonderful it is to work with our company,” says Steve.

Born and raised in New Mexico, the brothers understand the unique water conservation concerns and aesthetic challenges of our desert environment. Xeriscaping doesn’t invite lounging in the backyard or family playtime. “Artificial grass gives you usable area whereas rock typically doesn’t,” points out Steve. Synthetic turf saves about 500 gallons of water a year while providing green space to enjoy every season with extraordinarily little maintenance, Steve explains. “You don’t have to worry about watering it and mowing it, and you don’t have to worry about it dying if you’re not there.” You can say goodbye to hours spent hunched over your lawn yanking weeds, too, and synthetic turf is durable. “We’ve got 15-year warranties on all our turf. They’ll last longer than that,” says Scott.

Customers can choose from a variety of textures and colors that imitate natural grass varieties, and Southwest Greens of New Mexico offers the new patented Bolt Natural Plus turf lines. According to Steve, “It [Bolt Natural Plus] tends to give a thicker, fuller-appearing turf for the same amount of face weight — which is the amount of yarn per square yard — as traditional turf.” How natural can synthetic turf look? “We’ve had many situations where people have seen some of our projects, and they didn’t know it was artificial grass. That happens quite frequently,” says Scott. One Google reviewer wrote, “The end result is absolutely perfect. The product is incredibly realistic, and the installation was flawless. We’re thrilled to have a beautiful, low-maintenance yard from here on out.”

For customers concerned about how hot artificial turf becomes in full sun, there is the patented HydroChill Turf Cooling System. With one wetting of the hose, moisture slowly evaporates from the turf, maintaining comfort for two or three days.

Pet lovers can free up time on weekends and give their pet a safe play area without weedkillers and fertilizers with pet turf. Because pet turf prevents digging, and the matting stands up to your pet’s habits, holes and yellowed grass are an irritation of the past. In exchange, homeowners get durable turf they can quickly clean with a hose.

If you are a golf enthusiast, imagine taking a few steps beyond your back door onto a custom putting green like those found on your favorite courses, no need to schedule a tee time or load up your clubs. Steve points out that a customer’s design goals benefit from the expert golfers at Southwest Greens. “Our two estimators are both PGA pros. They already understand the game of golf, and that alone helps the design process. Scott and I grew up playing golf.” Steve further explains the benefits of their experience and expert installation, “Our putting greens react and behave most closely to a real putting surface out of any other products out there. The benefit to a golfer is that they’re going to be able to improve their golf game at their home plus it gives them an area for providing entertainment and more usability to their backyard.” Do you have a favorite putting green you hope to replicate? “We can replicate almost anything,” Steve assures. With no watering or fertilizing, a putting green like those used by pro golfers is a no-fuss investment. Beside a once every year or two recommended professional maintenance, a leaf blower is sufficient.

Southwest Greens of New Mexico also completes many high-profile commercial projects in New Mexico. “We just finished one for New Mexico Junior College. We did a large indoor golf training center. There’s not another one in America that’s as nice as it is,” Scott says. Other regular projects include turf for commercial landscaping and tee lines in addition to cushioned playground turf.

Due to the scope of and demand for their services, Southwest Greens is hiring enthusiastic people to help create beautiful, entertaining and low-maintenance environments for residential and commercial customers. “The opportunity to have a kind of homegrown business in New Mexico and give younger people an opportunity to advance and grow with our company is pretty exciting for us as owners,” says Scott.

If you appreciate excellent customer service and are ready to achieve the outdoor living space of your dreams, call Southwest Greens of New Mexico at 505-832.7699 or visit their website at newmexicoputtinggreens.com. In-home consultations and estimates are free.

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