Expert Restoration Service for Your Bath and Kitchen

Yourson Construction is a family-owned company with extensive experience in bathroom restorations, kitchen renovations, room additions and whole-house remodels.

These days anyone can put a sign up on a door and turn on the “Open” sign. But not just any business in town is the sort of place where one can walk in and see a living example of what that sign claims.

When you walk into Yourson Construction the first thing you’ll often see is father and son sitting inside the office getting ready for a full day of work ahead together.

As Yourson Construction’s owner, Paul Barragan, prepares to see his family business into its 31st year, he reflects on the company’s journey and the passion which continues propelling them forward together.

“The journey has been pretty good! There’s a lot of growth. There’s been ups and downs. Went through a recession — we survived it. Our doors are still open, our lights are still on. We’re still answering the phones. But for the most part this journey has been a blessing journey. My kids are now working with me and grew up in the business.”

It’s the end result of the project that drives their passion. “We do a lot of bathrooms here — 95% of our work revolves around rejuvenating both commercial and residential bathrooms.” Yourson Construction prides themselves in making them look like new. “It never fails. Customers can’t believe what we can do for them.” The end result is Paul and his team’s gratification because they can see by their customer’s face just how they’re helping provide a better quality of life through something as seemingly simple as enhancing a shower or tub unit or an overall bathroom model. Even just the simplicity of putting in grab bars or a shower seat for them so they can sit down, or updating the faucet fixture or putting in a new door enclosure makes a big difference in the enhancement of a customer’s bathroom.

As a fully bonded and insured GB-98 general contractor company with an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, Yourson can handle a wide variety of remodels and improvements. These include providing flooring installations, kitchen remodeling and bathroom work. Paul and his team are also adept at handling bathroom conversions which meet the Americans with Disabilities Act. Being able to remain in your own home as you grow older is not to be undervalued. “No-curb or roll-in showers and walk-in tubs are popular conversion projects,” says Paul. “As finances and situations allow, seniors should take advantage of these bathroom conveniences, making their home more comfortable and more enjoyable.”

Past Yourson customers have remarked, “I was pleased with the competitiveness of their quote, as well as the responsiveness of the company and the team. They didn’t nickel-and-dime me on any of the products — honestly, I was kind of shocked. I believe some other companies would’ve charged higher prices. Everything was handled promptly and to my satisfaction. I’m very happy with it.”

And, “It all looks so beautiful now. They were very courteous and clean, and we would highly recommend them to anyone.”

When pressed on Yourson’s secret ingredient to what makes them different from the other competitors Paul gives a simple, honest answer.

“A clean bathroom. Honestly, that’s normally how we all start and end our day,” he explains. “You get in the shower first thing in the morning and you’re looking at the mold and the grout falling apart, the tiles and all the slime and all that develops in a shower. When you have a restoration service or remodel done, it totally changes a person’s demeanor.”

Paul says it’s the same thing with restaurants too. “We do a lot of them. When people go into restaurants, the first thing they often do is go straight into the bathroom. And the bathrooms are a really good indicator of what’s going on behind closed doors. If you go into a bathroom where the grout is all cracked and it smells, it’s not very well maintained, partitions are all graffitied, the caulking is all split, the sinks are all a mess, and everything just looks really rough, you won’t be very impressed with the restaurant.”

It’s something we can all relate to from time to time. “Well, that’s what we do,” says Paul, “We go in and polish everything, re-grout, re-caulk, clean it all up, polish it and seal it. The enhancement changes the experience for customers. What ends up happening is you enjoy your visit more. You’re more prone to come back.”

And come back New Mexicans have — for over thirty years.

So, what’s coming up for Yourson Construction in 2020?

“More bathrooms,” Paul laughs. “We’re not going anywhere. We’ve been doing this a long time, you know? We’ve got a lot of sweat-equity in this,” he elaborates. “We really enjoy working with the people. It’s a great feeling that we’re still here. It’s a great feeling that we’re still growing. It’s fantastic.”

Paul sees 2020 as a new era. A blank canvas. A time for growth.

To reach out to Paul and his team at Yourson Construction for commercial or residential needs, just give them a call at 505-298-3871 or visit their website,

“Let’s move forward. Let’s make things happen. Let’s make things better for everyone, not necessarily for ourselves but for the community, for the city of Albuquerque,” Paul says. “When everybody is growing and everybody is enhancing, everything comes together and falls into place.”

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Yourson Construction

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