Know What to Throw New Mexico

The Rio Grande Recycling Corridor — a group comprised of recycling and solid waste agencies from Las Cruces to Santa Fe — has launched a statewide recycling education campaign geared to teach New Mexicans how to recycle right. The “Know What to Throw New Mexico” campaign aims to combat the most pressing issues found across the state, including eliminating food waste and plastic bags in blue bins. In order to recycle properly, here are a few basic rules you should adhere to. Empty, clean and dry items get recycled. Food residue and liquids should be rinsed from containers before recycling. Plastic bags and plastic wrap are never allowed in the blue recycle bins. Items should be loose and never bagged. Don’t put cords in your recycling bin, as they entangle the sorting machinery. Finally, know what to throw. While many areas allow for paper, plastics, and certain metals to be recycled, each city or county has specific guidelines. For more information, including details specific to certain areas of the state, visit

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