Make Your Home a Haven in Shorter, Darker Days

Well-lit, comfortable spaces can help your household thrive.

“As the home continues to serve as our sanctuary during the COVID pandemic, it’s critical to consider how lighting can keep a family thriving during this fall and winter season,” says Michael McCullough, director of PR at Progress Lighting.

Fall has arrived, and with it, a new reality. The days are naturally growing shorter and darker. Daylight Saving Time expires November 1, ushering in the long winter nights and colder temperatures. This means more time spent inside working, learning and just plain living in our homes.

“There’s never been a more important time for interior design,” says Doris Pearlman, founder of Possibilities for Design of Denver. “Our goal is to create spaces that uplift and embrace, providing respite from daily pressures.”

Pearlman’s team offers these design suggestions:

• Add lighting above work areas to create functional, operational spaces.

•  Complement ambient lighting with pendant lighting around kitchen islands to facilitate collaboration.

• Create inspiration by clustering pendants for a fun, unique centerpiece.

• Hang pendants over nightstands to turn the bedroom into a retreat. Individual switches allow for customized lighting for bedtime reading.

Design pros suggest homeowners incorporate light layering to maximize light throughout the day. Supplement daylight with overhead lighting from chandeliers, recessed and close-to-ceiling fixtures. Place task lighting such as pendants or desk lamps over work areas. Use accent lighting like wall sconces to add a soft glow as the day wanes.

“Lighting should set the tone for productivity. For some, this might mean bright lighting and multiple sources. Others might prefer a moody vibe,” says Julie Wynalda, owner of True Vine Creations in Hudsonville, Mich.

Instagram influencer Heather, of Operation Tudor Revival, who’s DIY-ing her home renovation says, “Office lighting can be both functional and fabulous! I went with an overhead chandelier with a drum shade for an updated look. The shade also helps diffuse light to avoid glare on my computer screen.”

Technology can help spaces pull double-duty. Lifestyle blogger, Lindsey Dalton says, “We put our chandelier on a dimmer so it can be bright while my husband’s working but we can turn it down during dinner to transition the room from workday to relaxing evening.”

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