Mountain West Answers Questions about Warmth

The staff at Mountain West Sales gathers for a photo in front of a gas fireplace insert display inside the company’s showroom. Pictured from left are Trae, Mary, Sam, Eric, Jim, Jude and Robert.

With temperatures dropping, it’s time to add energy-

efficient warmth to your home. But what if you don’t know where to start? We sat down with Jim Lyle, owner of Mountain West Sales for some answers.

Q: What is Mountain West Sales?  

A: “It’s a place where dreams come true! Well, that might be a bit much. But it is a place that has a huge selection of wood, pellet and gas stoves and fireplace inserts from top brands like Jotul, Vermont Castings, Harman, Quadrafire, Morso, Pacific Energy, Heatilator, Heat n Glo, Town and Country, Ortal and Montigo. There’s a huge showroom where you can actually see many of these products burning. And you’ll get honest, direct and low-pressure expertise for any fireplace-related questions. So if you dream about any of those things…”

Q: But “Mountain West Sales” doesn’t say any of that!  

A: “I know. There’s a long story about how we got our name, and we’ve had it too long to change it now! Besides, it gives us an air of mystery. But we’ve been in business since 1989. My dad, John, started the business way back then, and I’ve been here since 2000. Many of our employees have been with us for a long time and there’s a lot of wisdom and expertise that we’ve gathered along the way. In the end, it doesn’t really matter if a business has been around a long time, unless we can give you a good, satisfying experience today. That’s what we try to do every day. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.”

Q: I’m in the market for a stove or fireplace insert. Why should I give Mountain West a chance?  

A: “Because I hear so many people come into our store after they’ve been somewhere else, and they say, ‘Oh, I can’t believe I paid so much!’ or ‘I needed service on my stove, but no one will call me back,’ and especially, ‘I wish I would have known about this place before I bought my stove!’ All it takes to avoid finding yourself in this unfortunate situation is to come into our beautiful showroom and let us help you find the right stove, fireplace or insert for your house. I won’t say you have to try us first, or try us last, or whatever it is that people say. Just try us! You’ll be happy you did!”

Q: I have an old, drafty fireplace that I never use. Can you help?

A: “Yes! We can install a fireplace insert inside your existing fireplace and turn it into a beautiful, efficient, heat-producing fireplace that you’ll love to use on cold nights. You can choose from wood, gas or pellet (we’ll help you decide which is the best fuel for you), and you can stop that chilling draft and start using that room again! We also offer gas log sets, which are a great way to spruce up an old fireplace and make it more convenient to use.”

Q: I hear a lot about pellet stoves these days. Do you sell them, and are they the right product for me?  

A: “We have a great selection of pellet stoves and pellet fireplace inserts, and they are perfect for some, but not for all. If your home is on natural gas, for instance, and if you have easy access to a gas line near where you would like to put a stove or fireplace, then a gas stove, fireplace or insert has a lot to offer, like minimal maintenance, low cost to operate and high efficiency. But we shouldn’t overlook the benefits of burning good, old-fashioned wood, either. If someone’s telling you there’s only one right way to go, you’re probably not getting the whole story. We’re well-versed in all of these products and we would love to help you think through which product is going to be the best for you and your home.”

Q: The holidays are fast approaching. Would a stove or fireplace insert make a good gift?  

A: “Let’s face it. Dad doesn’t need any more socks. He’s probably never going to need more socks. So, if you’re open to something new this year, I think it’s a great idea. I’ll admit that a new stove or fireplace insert requires some coordination for a Christmas gift, but it’s something you’ll enjoy for years to come. It’s more exciting than a television (and there’s nothing on anyway), and you’ll be renowned for your gift-giving creativity far and wide!”

Business Info:

Mountain West Sales

(505) 888-4464

2718 University Blvd. NE

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