Mountain West Sales Heats Your Home Beautifully

Keep your home comfortable this winter with efficient, beautiful heating. See a variety of fireplaces, stoves and inserts at the Mountain West Sales showroom. Owner Jim Lyle and his knowledgeable team can help with the spark of inspiration.

If cooler weather has you re-evaluating your home’s heating needs, you may desire a more beautiful and efficient solution to keep your family warm this season. Where can you go for excellent customer service and superior knowledge of the hearth industry?

Mountain West Sales, a second-generation New Mexico company established in 1989, supports customers from the first phone call or showroom visit through the selection and installation process. Their customer service comes from business values passed on to owner Jim Lyle by his father John Lyle. “It’s important that businesses not take it for granted that they’re locally owned,” Jim says. “I take pride in the fact that we’ve been here for a long time, being a local business that cares about what it does and cares about offering a good product, and good service.” As a business owner he’s committed to New Mexico. “New Mexicans staying in New Mexico, doing a good job in New Mexico, caring about New Mexico — that’s what it takes to solve our problems.”

Mountain West’s no-pressure sales approach engages customers in conversation to discover their heating problems and goals, so the company can offer the best solution. “That’s where customer service starts — making sure we’re providing somebody with something that’s going to be useful to them,” says Jim. “We ask a lot of questions, and then we try to determine what’s best for the customer, whatever fuel source it is. Our job is not to make someone want something they don’t need. Our job is to help them solve their unique problem. The whole process here is geared toward that.”

A recent customer shared their experience in a Google review, “The entire staff at Mountain West were polite and professional. I appreciate them going above and beyond my expectations. We chose the Quadra-fire pellet insert with Bluetooth thermostat. We love the new stove and are very happy to have chosen and trusted Mountain West with this purchase.”

Gas, wood or pellet fireplace inserts are popular with customers for good reasons, explains Jim. “A fireplace insert is much more efficient than a traditional open fireplace, because it uses a lot less air from the room for combustion and returns more warm air into the room. Many people have older, inefficient fireplaces. An open fireplace is a place where your house loses energy. Eighty percent of the warmth goes up the chimney with a fireplace. Warm air will go up even when you don’t have a fire, and cold air will come down. An insert blocks all that off.”

Gas prices are a common concern when considering heating solutions, but gas fireplace inserts are still more efficient than a furnace, Jim says. “Gas prices are going up this year. They’re supposed to be anywhere from 20 to 50% higher. If you can do something to heat your home more efficiently — which is what these fireplace inserts can do — that’s going to be a big deal this year,” he continues. “If you’re using a fireplace insert to heat most of the living space, and it’s using 30,000 BTUs [British Thermal Units] as opposed to your furnace, which is around 100,000 to 120,000 BTUs, you’re using a lot less of that gas to keep the space warm.”

An additional advantage of gas or pellet inserts and stoves is that they can be thermostat-controlled, maintaining your home’s temperature even while you’re away all day, preventing furnace usage. These inserts and stoves require no stoking. Pellet stoves are self-lighting and will come on and turn off as necessary to maintain programmed temperature. These options are especially useful for people who utilize expensive propane for energy needs. Though pellet stoves must be cleaned, they’re easier to clean than a wood stove.

Wood inserts and stoves have advantages, too, and not merely nostalgia or ambience. They offer energy independence from electricity or natural gas if you can harvest your own wood. They are also, surprisingly, a clean-burning fuel source. “It’s lovely to sit in front of a wood fire,” Jim says. “That’s a huge advantage. But they are also very efficient and clean burning. Everything that we sell is certified by the EPA, with a restricted level of particulate emissions. When we have no-burn nights in Albuquerque, any of these inserts and stoves can be burned. The flue gasses go through a chamber that re-burns the particulates.” If a homeowner wants to be comfortable in the evenings after long workdays, wood inserts and stoves are a beautiful solution.

How can a customer decide between the many alluring heating options? The layout of your home largely determines the best heating solution. “We talk to the customer about their floor plan and where the heating source will be located. We also ask questions about insulation, window quality and other factors to get an idea of what’s going to be effective,” Jim explains. Sometimes, a customer wants to purchase an insert or stove and install it on their own. “We often talk to people on the phone and answer their questions. If you’re going to try to do something yourself, you’ll definitely want to come to our showroom where we can show you how.”

In addition to serving New Mexico homeowners, Mountain West Sales also installs fireplaces in new builds, offers skylights, and provides commercial construction products for general contractors. They also service all the inserts, stoves, and fireplaces they sell. Mark Dominguez, head service technician, has more than 30 years’ experience at Mountain West Sales.

Are you ready to make your hearth an inviting and efficient center of your home? Mountain West Sales solves New Mexicans’ heating problems with exceptional products and unsurpassed service. Visit their beautiful burning showroom at 2718 University Blvd. NE or contact them at (505) 888-4464. You can also learn more about their products at

Business Info:

Mountain West Sales

(505) 888-4464

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