When you walk into Granite Passion’s Sawmill District showroom you can tell you’re in good hands. The dynamic family team of Sharon, Nicole, Dustin and Fernando ensures that while you’re getting the best prices and selection for quality imported granite in the state, you’re also getting attention to detail and warm hospitality.

Granite can withstand up to 1500 degrees of heat. Way more than man-made options you might find somewhere else. Sharon and Nicole make a point to always stock new granite choices which are quality. Often times, certain lines they carry are not only unique for New Mexican dealers, they’re nationally exclusive, too — which is saying something. However, they work hard to ensure, at the end of the day, whichever granite you might choose for your home is also affordable.

Ocean Blue and Amazon are examples of unique stone selections you can only find in their store here in the U.S. When asked, Sharon explains that it’s her love for rocks which drives her passion. As a former jeweler, she’s been able to observe the process of selection all the way from distant south Asian mountainside to local Albuquerque kitchens under the shadow of our own Sandias. For both Nicole and Sharon, what they do is tantamount to art. When you begin shining up the granite you never know what sorts of colors you’ll find gleaming out of the stone, Nicole says with a grin.

But it’s not just the family team who can see the difference. Their customers can see it, too. “Nicole was wonderful to work with!” reports Jennifer Crepeau. “She made sure that we found exactly the slab we wanted and was willing to go the extra mile to make sure that we were completely satisfied with our granite. I would highly recommend this company.”

Walking into their spacious showroom, one of the first things one notes (besides the rows upon rows of gleaming granite) is a depiction of their “Quarry to Kitchen 12,000-Mile Journey,” a process which begins where granite is quarried, cut and polished then shipped all the way to their Albuquerque warehouse.

As born and raised New Mexicans, their family is proud of their local roots. Sharon proudly informs me how she’s been in this business for two decades. She sees them staying in the granite business, continuing to do what they love to do: providing businesses and homes with unique quality products. “We don’t want to become a large chain either,” Sharon laughs. “We just want to keep supplying our customers with the best, while continuing to keep Granite Passion in our family. Our name says it all: Granite Passion. And it’s true, because we love what we do.”

Another one of their happy customers, Ruth Vermilion, puts it this way, “From the moment I walked in the door, their staff was extremely nice and helpful. Their granite looks awesome! One of the things I liked about their workers, they showed up on time, they were able to do the job quickly and were very thorough! I’m already thinking of doing more than just the kitchen — get the bathrooms and shower areas finished, too! Very impressed!”

Both Nicole and Sharon’s eyes light up when they start describing how much their customers love the granite they can provide them. “They keep telling us how amazed they are of the difference the stone provides. When you’re surrounded by something beautiful, that beauty translates and it’s wonderful to experience,” says Sharon fondly.

Their material is all-natural. No dyes. Just organic beauty which isn’t going to fade over time. Nicole explains that since granite is older than life itself, it’s going to keep on lasting. “The range of granite types is simply incredible. One stone we currently carry from Africa seems to have the impression of ancient leaves in it,” Nicole describes. “It’s really cool. I’ve never even seen anything like that before. Where other materials people might choose are more expensive and less durable than our granite, what we offer literally stands the test of time. It’s something Granite Passion is proud of.” Unlike the other material fads they’ve seen come and go, there’s just something about granite which is classic, timeless even.

Point in case: one of the first customers Nicole was able to help years ago already had some granite in their home. “It was amazing to learn that what they had was installed back in 1983. Their granite still looked just like new. That’s one of the nice things about going with granite. Over time, it’s not going to make someone’s kitchen look dated. Often, the stone’s own inherent beauty enhances whatever is around it, transforming wherever its installed. You just can’t go wrong with granite in my opinion,” says Nicole.

Sharon and Nicole invite you to come see for yourself. Granite Passion, open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., is located down at 1309 12th St. NW here in Albuquerque. You can find them online at www.granitepassion.net, and their direct phone number is (505) 242-1007. Their family looks forward to helping you find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Business Info:

Granite Passion

1309 12th St. NW

(505) 242-1007


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