Natural Light Improves Your Mood and Home

Donald and Brooke Nutting, owners of The Natural Lighting Company, pose for a photo — ready to bring natural light into your home with Solatube skylights.

Seeing is believing for the customers of The Natural Lighting Company, the New Mexico Premier Dealer for Solatube International, said owner Brooke Nutting. She and her husband, Donald, have operated the business now for a decade, and always encourage clients to come into their showroom and see the skylights in person. During their time in business, they have witnessed improvement in people’s quality of life with the addition of natural light to their homes, especially during the shorter days of winter.

The Natural Lighting Company’s Solatube brand of round skylights are not only aesthetically pleasing but offer relief to people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD can cause depression when the days get shorter during the winter months and can be helped with the addition of natural light.

Brooke shared about a customer who was suffering from SAD and had multiple Solatube skylights installed in her home over two days. “By the end of the second day I went to see her, and she relayed feeling so much better already,” said Brooke.

“Installation is typically a quick process. Within a couple of hours, we’re in and we’re out. We can put the skylights in a room where it’s most functional for someone who’s battling SAD. This winter has seen many gray and gloomy days, so we’re having more and more people who are struggling with SAD. We put it on our website specifically this year because so many people are inquiring.”

Solatube products can be installed in pitched roofs or flat, are round at the roof, but come in either a round or square lens at the ceiling. Do-it-yourselfers have the option of installing the unit personally (kits are available with all the necessary parts and instructions), or they can have products installed by the company. “The larger tube, approximately 14”, is installed where you need a working or reading quality light,” said Brooke. “Places like the kitchen, living rooms, or garages. The smaller size, approximately 10”, is most suitable for a bathroom or hallway.”

“There is a metal flashing and acrylic dome that mount to the roof. Tubing then runs between the ceiling and the flashing,” explains Brooke. “The tubing is coated with Solatube’s proprietary film which is highly reflective. In fact, Solatube claims it is the most reflective surface on earth, absorbing almost no light and reflecting 99.7 percent of the daylight that comes in through the dome! This results in very high efficiency and significant light through a relatively small footprint.”

“The way the products are made, you don’t get heat gain in the summertime, or heat loss in the winter like you often do with traditional skylights.”

In addition to industry-leading performance, The Natural Lighting Company can customize the reveal on the ceiling to match your own personal style. “We have eight different lens choices, round or square, frosted and patterned. Lots of options so people can customize it to their style. We can add function to the Solatubes, as well. We can put electric lights inside of them on all roof types, and for pitched roofs we have ventilation options and daylight dimmers. The vent add-on kit is for bathrooms and helps to pull out steam and odor,” said Brooke.

For additional function at night, the Integrated Solar Nightlight is a small, solar-powered nightlight that sits inside the Solatube. This accessory has a small solar panel that recharges two double-A batteries that power two small LED lights at night. Installing the nightlight qualifies the entire product for a 26 percent federal tax credit through the end of 2020.

For a homeowner’s attic ventilation needs, The Natural Lighting Company also offers solar-powered attic fans, which also qualify for a federal tax credit. “They run from sun-up to sundown, and the panel sizes have recently been upgraded so that they’re more robust to help with the extreme heat we have in New Mexico. We also offer a thermal switch that can be installed inside the attic fan,” said Brooke. “It comes pre-programmed from the manufacturer to turn on the fan once the attic temperature gets above 85 degrees and the sun is up. The fan will continue to run until the attic temperature drops below 65 degrees or the sun goes down.”

Solatube’s latest product is a whole-house fan, which is available for homes with pitched roofs, and runs on electricity. “When the temperature cools at night, you open your windows and hit the remote,” explains Brooke. “The whole-house fan will pull fresh air into your home while pushing the hot and stale air out. It can even run in the winter and will exchange the air in your home every six to ten minutes. This is especially important for improving indoor air quality, helping rid the house of germs, pet dander, cooking smells and ‘off-gassing’ from new building materials.”

The Natural Lighting Company has been in business since 1996 and has installed approximately 23,000 Solatube units in that time, said Brooke. Every Solatube installation comes with a five-year leak-proof guarantee, and a 10-year product warranty, regardless of roof type.

When you come by The Natural Lighting Company’s showroom at 1724 Moon St. NE, say “hi” to Red, the Nutting’s lovable rescue. The brindle pooch “pawsitively” loves chasing his red laser pointer, and if you’re lucky he may show you it’s not just for the felines!

The showroom is open from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Or call 294-5284 for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. For more information, visit And check in with The Natural Lighting Co. throughout 2020 to see the new products on the horizon from Solatube!

Business Info:

The Natural Lighting Company

(505) 294-5284

1724 Moon St. NE

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