Professional Coatings Gives Your Home a Fresh Look

Professional Coatings Corporation can give your home stunning curb appeal with new stucco.

Do you pull into your driveway at the end of the workday, sighing as you notice your home’s cracked, peeling and faded stucco? If you’re searching for a quality stucco company to thoroughly restore your home’s exterior to a beautiful finish, there has never been a better time to call Professional Coatings Corporation.

Tyler, a recent customer, wrote on Google, “I highly recommend Professional Coatings Corp. They were quick, prompt, courteous and thorough. They were very professional, and their pricing was very fair. It was a great value.”

Professional Coatings Corp. is owned by Mario Perez, the crew leader for 25 years and company owner since 2016. His 14-man crew completes commercial and residential stucco projects. Says sales manager David Prado, “We’re a family-operated business. Mario’s my father-in-law. I’m the sales manager, and my wife is the office administrator.” The business proudly supports veterans, too. “We give discounts to veterans and first responders,” says Prado.

Prado, as sales manager, conducts the free consultation with the homeowner and provides the estimate. He is proud of Professional Coatings Corporation’s long warranty: 20 years for synthetic stucco and 15 years for traditional cement stucco. “I believe we offer the longest warranty in the city,” he says. In speaking with customers, he notes, “I have not yet heard once that someone else has offered them a 20-year warranty.”

How can a homeowner tell if their cement or synthetic stucco needs repairs or a complete re-stucco? Cracks worry homeowners, but they often only require repairs. “We have a team that solely focuses on minor repairs and warranty work,” says Prado, “and they do stellar work matching the colors to the existing stucco. We use a process called fogging. Essentially, it is make-up for stucco. It just blends in the colors nicely.” One of the team members has performed this skillful work for more than 10 years. “He’s a specialist when it comes to minor repairs and blending colors.”

If there are multiple cracks around your walls or if the stucco on parapets has significant peeling and cracking, however, your home could require re-stuccoing. Prado points out a good timeline, “Usually a well-built home’s stucco should last over 20 years before any major re-stucco work is needed. Minor repairs may be needed between those 20 years.”

For a re-stucco the homeowner has two options: traditional cement stucco or synthetic stucco. “Synthetic has a longer warranty,” notes Prado. “It’s more stretchable. It’s a bit more water-repellent and more color-consistent through the years. Cement stucco is also a great product. It’s been here for hundreds of years. People love it. It absorbs moisture, but then it just breathes it out over time. Overall, they are both great materials.”

There are additional considerations for a property owner choosing between the two types. Synthetic stucco requires 20-gauge wire to re-mesh the property. “We don’t use fiberglass mesh, though it’s considered the newest technology,” says Prado. “We’ve seen it fail many times, so we just avoid headaches and offer people the best work they can have with a re-wire.” Synthetic can be matched to any color. Additionally, for synthetic a primer coat is added before the color coat material goes on. Cement stucco is limited to a color chart. Both stuccos require wet-curing before the color coat, meaning water is applied to the stucco for a minimum of two days before it cures for 10 days for cement and a month for synthetic. As for texture choices, Prado adds, “Cement and synthetic can have a smooth finish, what we call a sand finish. They both have the option of going all the way smooth or having some texture, which we call a brocade. And both types of stucco applications can be completed in two to four weeks.”

How can you decide between repair and re-stucco, cement or synthetic? The consultation with Prado is key. “Ours is a consultative approach. We look at the property and see what would be the best thing for longevity of the stucco. We may tell the customer that they need to re-wire. If their house needs to be repaired by just power-washing it and patching up the cracks, we’ll tell them that. We try to be as honest as we can, though sometimes it’s not what people want to hear, but it’s the best thing they can do for their house.”

Professional Coatings Corporation’s motto is, “We do the job right the first time, guaranteed!” Owner and crew leader Mario Perez supervises each Professional Coatings’ project, and none of their work is sub-contracted; every job is done in-house. Prado points out that the company’s goal is to be in your house as little as possible and to avoid the need to return after days, months, or a year by doing the job right from the beginning.

The stucco process is complicated, but the experts at Professional Coatings Corp. will guide you through it. “We’ll be with you every step of the way, “says Prado. “I’m the salesman, but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to sell your job and then forget about you. No, we’re very invested in making sure that what you want done gets done. We don’t just drop the ball and leave people behind. We take care of them all the way through.”

Since the price of re-stuccoing often increases at the beginning of every year, Prado adds, “There’s never going to be a better time to do your stucco with Professional Coatings Corp. It’s best if property owners get an estimate or on the schedule soon.” Want a company who will re-stucco right, giving your home a fresh, beautiful exterior? Call Professional Coatings Corp. at 505-294-4744 or visit them at

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