Professional Coatings Simply Does the Job Right

Professional Coatings Corporation can give your home stunning curb appeal with new stucco.

Has your home’s stucco seen better days? Give your stucco the expert care it deserves. Whether you’re looking to re-stucco or repair certain damaged areas, residential or commercial, new construction or remodel, let Professional Coatings Corporation bring your project to life!

 “At Professional Coatings Corporation, our main goal is to provide our customers with the best workmanship, materials and prices,” they enthusiastically explain. “We believe in doing things right the first time. We strive to provide the best of the best!”

For over 35 years, Professional Coatings Corporation has been serving Albuquerque as a full-service stucco company. The team prides themselves on being like no other company in the construction industry. They’re committed to the highest standard of customer service, quality products and beautiful finishes. Their team believes every job should be done right the first time, which means each project they take on receives great service and superior quality.

When asked, they recall the dedication and work ethic over time which enabled them to provide the excellence they’re known for today. Mario Perez (owner/president) and Luciano Perez (co-owner/vice-president) have worked very hard to get to where they are today. Mario has been the crew leader since 1992, and owner since 2016. He has dedicated his heart and energy to this company for over 20 years. Luciano has also been around since the same time.

As a family-owned and operated business, Professional Coatings Corporation is proud of its New Mexican roots. “New Mexico is home, we know the people’s needs here and know what is important to them.”

Professional Coatings Corporation garners enthusiastic reviews from customers like Bianca Perez, who says, “The work done by Professional Coatings is of the best workmanship I have ever seen. They’re reliable, and mindful of the time and their surroundings when working. They make you feel involved in the project by informing you of what will be done and what you can expect from them, as well as any changes. I 100 percent recommend Professional Coatings!”

While remaining “COVID conscious” by following social distancing rules and regularly practicing professional-grade cleanliness, Professional Coatings Corporation continues to adapt and thrive in the current economic conditions.

“Business is going very well, surprisingly! We are still providing our customers with in-person free estimates as well as estimates sent online — best of both worlds,” they explain.

Despite necessary adaptations to the times, their customers remain loyal because of the quality service they continue delivering on a regular basis. Rene Sanders, another customer says, “We could not be happier with the job done by Professional Coatings. Their team was professional and polite. They answered all of our questions and continued to check the work and keep us informed during the entire process. We ended up making a hole in the stucco with the front door handle. Luciano and his crew were quick to fix the hole and no one can tell where the hole was. We highly recommend Professional Coatings.”

Professional Coatings Corporation continues fulfilling its promise for superior customer service, even as demand continues rising. “Simple, we do the job right the first time! We take care of each house as if it were our own. We provide excellent customer care,” says David Prado, sales manager.

Another happy customer reports, “We could not be happier with our stucco from start to finish — from our first estimate to the professionally knowledgeable team, the customer service, the price, the protecting our property, the cleanup, and the finished product. They always did what they said they would do, answered all of our questions, responded to any concerns immediately, answered calls and returned calls promptly. Our job was completed in April and it looks better and better every day. Thank you so much David, Luciano, Mario and your team.”

To help make your decision about your home’s stucco, David adds, “We offer a lasting product alongside, in most cases, a long warranty of about 20 years which is transferable. The owner and president of the company is still the crew leader and will take care of your house as if it were his own.”

Learn more about their extensive services on their website, You can also contact Professional Coatings Corporation by calling them at 505-294-4744.

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