Sandia Marble Builds Impressive Remodels, Relationships

Sandia Marble’s team operates as a family — and wants to treat you like family, too. Pictured from left are Fred, Clovis, Jason, Valerie (owner), Ruben, Tammie and Jeremy.

The camaraderie and cooperation of Sandia Marble’s team allows the business to operate as a family. And, after your showroom or in-home appointment, you’ll feel confident that they will expertly realize your kitchen and bathroom remodel dreams, treating you as a member of that family.

Operations Manager Clovis Griñe says, “Customer service is huge — the strength of our core people, the family that we’ve made, and how we worked through the pandemic together. We did it together, a team effort from first point of contact to finished job. Everybody was cross-functional. Everybody was willing to pitch in everywhere.”

Fred Sievert, salesman, adds that the company motto, “Growth through customer service,” is more than just words on a website.

“The employees are the backbone of our business,” owner Valerie Maes says. “I am very appreciative for their work, for their commitment, and for making Sandia Marble what it is today. Each of our 20 plus employees plays an integral role. They take pride in what they do, are extremely talented, and I am very fortunate to work with them. I know that they’re going to take care of our customers, and we’re all going to work together to make that happen.”

Sandia Marble started with cultured marble manufacturing and installation more than 20 years ago. Now, they also offer fabricated stone like quartz, natural stone like granite and quartzite, and recently added Dekton porcelain, a durable material that works well for outdoor kitchens. As a customer, you have several beautiful options for remodel projects such as kitchen countertops, shower and bath surrounds, and tub-to-shower conversions.

The decision to replace outdated countertops, hard-to-clean grout-lined showers or an underused bathtub with high-grade fabricated or natural stone is a big decision for a customer. “Lots of people save up their money to do their kitchen or bathroom remodel,” says Ruben Velasquez, salesman. “And then to see the final product — how happy they are with the results — that’s the greatest achievement.” The confidence that the Sandia Marble team brings to a project is invaluable. Ruben adds, “It’s a huge project for the homeowner, and they’re stressed. For us it’s a daily thing, so we help make sure they feel comfortable.” Valerie agrees, “This is something that people get excited about, because they’re going to live with it every single day. I enjoy seeing how our team brings it all together for the customer.”

Many customers know what they want when they make an appointment, but what if you dream of something remarkable but aren’t sure what stone or colors to choose? Fred suggests, “Come to the showroom to get a visual of what things can be. We’ll help you consider the whole remodel.” Fresh countertops or new showers are, after all, often part of a larger remodel, Ruben notes. “We ask lots of questions. We gather all the information and try to suggest something that will complement everything else.” Sandia Marble can refer customers to trusted contractors for other remodeling needs, and they offer financing through Synchrony Financial.

Tub-to-shower conversions are a popular project for homeowners now. “That’s a high percentage of what we’re doing,” Fred says. “People just want their old bathtubs out and their showers re-done.” Such a conversion is beneficial for those who are aging in place, too. “It’s wonderful that we can help with that, where people can be independent and have that ease of accessibility,” Valerie says.

Regardless of the scale, Sandia Marble’s team appreciates the challenges, variety and gratification found in each project and enjoys executing a customer’s vision as a team. “What we do, it’s always something different,” says Ruben. “I love meeting different people, and overcoming different challenges. My coworkers are awesome.” Fred adds, “As long as we’ve done this, there are still things you learn every day.” Jeremy Kohlmeyer, Sandia Marble template and shower door technician, appreciates the difference a remodel makes to a customer’s lifestyle. “I love seeing the finished job, the different ways we’ve helped people. It’s very satisfying.” Clovis explains how he appreciates the team’s creativity, “It’s cool to see everyone who’s specialized in their areas brainstorm through roadblocks and lean on one another. I enjoy seeing how our team executes without compromising safety and quality. We support one another.”

Sandia Marble’s service to New Mexico customers creates a family of its own. A large percentage of their work comes from customer referrals and repeat customers who want another bathroom done or want Sandia Marble’s craftsmanship in a new home. “It says a lot when you do one bathroom, and people have the confidence to call you back to do the second,” Fred says. “To make them as happy as we can is our biggest goal.”

What brings owner Valerie satisfaction? “I love to see our employees grow, and the teamwork that occurs to deliver a finished project to our customers. We have a unique ability and strength that is leveraged in the work that we do that has very tangible results. We have established and built relationships with so many people. I am proud that Sandia Marble can contribute to the local economy by providing a rewarding career for our current and future employees and that we can have a lasting impression with our customers.”

Valerie is grateful that customers understand the current shipping challenges that can impact project timelines. “Having strong relationships with our suppliers is important, so that we have those frank conversations. It’s a very dynamic environment right now. Open and transparent communication with the customer is key.” Despite challenges due to COVID, Sandia Marble is doing some remodeling of its own. “We’re doing a lot of upgrades to our facility and bringing in new technology,” Valerie explains.

If you’re searching for a local company that will treat you like family while transforming your bathroom or kitchen with elegant fabricated or natural stone, contact Sandia Marble today at or call (505) 843-7490. You can visit their showroom at 1424 First St. NW by appointment.

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Sandia Marble

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