When it comes to his profession and what he knows he can offer the community, the co-owner of 2 Vets Construction, David Hill, gets right down to it. “As a head of a family-owned company and former veteran, our drive is for our family, along with our desire to continue serving the community as we did our country.” For 2 Vets Construction, the motivation they deliver for each project is handled the same way a soldier would. “We get the job done, and complete the mission 100 percent of the time,” David explains. “‘Serving before and after,’ is our company motto as well as the way look at our whole company.”

David and his team know just how to get the job done, whether it’s roofing, tile, stucco, windows, flooring, kitchen and bath remodeling, or more — especially in the desert environment of New Mexico.

2 Vets Construction’s track record isn’t just something which came out of thin air, either — it’s something they’ve earned for themselves over time. “Hard work and determination propelled our company to where it is today, with the help of a solid crew that’s committed to teamwork,” he elaborates.

The team at 2 Vets also loves helping their fellow New Mexicans by getting involved in their local community. In the past, David and the team have sought out projects like donating a concrete sidewalk and ramp to Service Dogs of New Mexico. “We are aware that a lot of veterans need to access the organization’s building,” he explains. “We wanted to build a ramp so that everyone regardless of ability can easily enter to obtain a service dog.”

They’ve also helped renovate the Assistance League of Albuquerque’s senior artisan gift store inside the Blue Portal building in Old Town. With their expertise, they added a new roof and walls, while still striving to maintain the building’s well-known iconic style. “We wanted to preserve the historic value of the building while updating it to be functional and safe,” says David.

One customer, Joseph Wilson, reports, “After a flood in our office due to a busted water heater, we called 2 Vets Construction and they were there immediately. They began tearing up all the damaged laminate flooring and cutting out the damaged drywall to replace it. Within four days, my office was fully functional and looked better than it did before. They replaced the laminate flooring, repaired drywall, laid tile and painted. They did an exceptional job. I will definitely use them again.”

When asked why they chose to carry on their business here in New Mexico, David doesn’t miss a beat. “New Mexico is our home,” he replies. “It’s where we’re from and it’s where our families live.” It’s a response that reflects the character and quality which their customers have come to know and trust when it comes to getting the job done right. “A five-star experience! Just love giving business to Vets!” reports happy customer Joe Sholtis. “Dave was prompt and efficient in estimating my hail-damaged roof replacement, and the work was scheduled one week out at our request. Dave’s crew was great, finishing the roof in two days. Can’t thank Rebecca, Dave and crew enough — a superb job at a great price!”

David sees future construction in New Mexico continuing to grow. “We see plenty of construction opportunities in New Mexico for our company. A contractor who people can trust time and time again is needed in much of the communities here,” he explains.

Another satisfied customer, Shane Crossland, puts it this way, “I have used 2 Vets Construction for multiple projects in my home, including framing, cabinets, and tiling. Each time they have done an outstanding job, especially on the tile work. The customer service has always been great for me. Always happy to give business to a vet-owned organization.”

According to David, what 2 Vets Construction offers their community is two-fold. First, they offer the community a sense of security and trust in knowing they’re getting quality for their dollar. Second, they strive to treat their clients like family.

To learn more about 2 Vets Construction, their array of services, and how they can help you with your next project, consider giving them a call at 505-250-0763. David and his team look forward to bringing their superior expertise and prompt, thorough work right to you.

Business Info:

2 Vet’s Construction

Phone: (505) 250-0763

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