Update Your Home With a Local Award-Winning Remodeler

Lambert Construction and Design offers a diverse portfolio of residential remodeling jobs, from kitchens and bathrooms to outdoor living spaces.

When it comes to construction in New Mexico, there’s a ton of choices. So, what separates the people over at Lambert Construction from the rest?

Here’s Matt and Tina Lambert’s take on who they are, what they’re about, and why they’re our state’s top choice when it comes to custom remodels.

Matt and Tina Lambert have always had a passion to work with their hands. Their attention to detail coupled with their drive and perseverance have delighted locals for years. Passion and skill make what they do possible. They both take genuine joy from working with clients to find what they want their space to look like, including helping create goals in obtaining a functional yet beautiful remodel for them to enjoy for years to come.

New Mexico is Matt’s home — he was born and raised, a native of the Land of Enchantment. As for Tina, she transplanted from Pittsburgh, Pa. (“Go Steelers”).

“The Lambert team can provide you with exceptional craftsmanship, promptness and attention to detail. We can craft a stunning transformation with undivided attention and open lines of communication with the homeowner to ensure satisfaction for each job,” Tina explains.

Their love for New Mexico continues to grow alongside their enjoyment in local construction, a professional calling which began years ago hasn’t waned since that first day, ultimately inspiring Matt and Tina to continue bringing design and comfort for their customers into the future.

Matt and Tina have been working for years to get to where they are today. But long-term dedication to superior craft requires sacrifice. Out of their continued service to New Mexicans they’ve been able to build a successful business while continuing to pursue their long-term goals of someday building complete custom homes from the ground up.

Ultimately, when asked where they’d like to see the future take them, the Lamberts want to continue growing their company. Specifically, they’d love to expand their services beyond just remodeling homes piecemeal with kitchen and bath remodels, additions, patio covers and decks. In the future, they would like to see themselves become New Mexico’s premier, first choice when it comes to building custom homes across the state.

 “Every year we have been in business we’ve grown at an increased rate,” Tina continues. “This year has been a record year for us and we are hoping to get Lambert Custom Homes off the ground soon. We will always be remodelers, but our sights are set on building high-end custom homes.”

Lambert’s design and expert craftsmanship has been recognized with numerous accolades, from award-winning bathroom remodels to the highest honor award for their kitchen design and remodel. “And our decks and patio covers will surely allow you to enjoy the outdoor living here in New Mexico,” says Tina.

“Lambert Construction removed an old patio made of brick pavers and a pergola, constructed a new covered concrete patio, replaced all of our exterior doors, installed three tube skylights, insulated our garage, removed the fireplace in our den, and built a corner stone and tile area for our wood stove,” one Lambert Construction and Design repeat customer reported. “They later removed our ugly concrete kitchen countertops, without damaging our cabinets, and replaced them with granite. Our last project was to have them remove a fiberglass shower stall and install a new tile shower stall. We could not be happier with Lambert Construction and highly recommend them. We found them to be professional, caring, careful, honest and trustworthy. We have had these improvements done over the last three years and would not have considered using any other company.”

So, when your next remodel comes around, why not ask the local award-winning pros over at Lambert Construction and Design to be your answer? With a host of skilled craftsmen, detail-oriented contractors, and caring staff on call, Lambert is ready to turn your dream to the everyday reality you and your family live in. They’re ready to help shape your ideas with a free consultation right in the comfort of your own home. Ask around, hear what other New Mexicans just like you think about the Lambert’s work. In the meantime, you have Matt and Tina’s number. Call 573-3400 or visit and browse their completed projects portfolio at www.lambert-construction.com.

Business Info:

Lambert Construction and Design

(505) 573-3400


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