Make Your Landscape ‘Snap’

A red yucca can be an interesting accent plant.


In the process of planning or improving a landscape, homeowners often pick their favorite plants. If you’re into “green,” then the landscape can become a boring group of broadleaf evergreens like Indian hawthorn, cotoneaster, photinia and boxwood. If you’re into plants that are more interesting and flower for longer periods of time, perennials might dominate your plant palette. 

However, if you want a landscape that looks great on a year-round basis, a combination of both broadleaf evergreen and perennials is recommended. 

But what about accent plants? Accent plants look great by themselves, but they’re also so unique that one in any area is usually all you need to add the textural “snap” to an otherwise more uniform group of plants.

Here’s a list of accent plants that look best placed by themselves in order to draw attention to their uniqueness: 

• Red yucca (yellow blooming variety is very interesting)

• Bear grass (beautiful cascading grass look)

• Thompson yucca (little brother to palm yucca)

• Palm yucca (must be planted by professionals due to its weight)

• Ocotillo (coral blooms; do not put near drippers)

• Claret cup cacti (low growing — do not put near drippers).

Mike Dooley is the designer and owner of Dooley Landscape Designs. Visit his website at He can be reached at 505-400-0257.


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