New Owners Continue Professional Coatings’ Legacy

The Professional Coatings team, from left to right: Luciano Perez, vice president and owner; Brian Oertel, previous owner and general manager; David Chavez, repair and touch-up superintendent; and Maurillio (Mario) Perez, president and owner.

There’s no doubt Maurillio (Mario) Perez, Luciano Perez, Brian Oertel and the rest of the Professional Coating Corporation team are proud of their strong work ethic. “We were brought up in the construction industry to do the job right the first time,” says Oertel.

For the past 34 years, Professional Coatings has been specializing in complete stucco restorations, as well as stucco repairs of homes and yard walls. In fact, the quality work completed by the company can be seen on more than 35,000 homes across the Albuquerque metro area.

Maintaining his contractor’s license, former owner Oertel is now the general manager of Professional Coatings, with, as of Oct. 13, 2016, new owners Mario and Luciano serving as president and vice president of the company, respectively.

With the new ownership structure, the majority of Oertel’s duties at Professional Coatings haven’t changed and he continues to be involved with all levels of customer relations, including taking calls, estimating, scheduling, and follow through of projects to completion. Meanwhile, Mario and Luciano, both of whom are bilingual, have been the crew leaders for more than 25 years of the company’s stucco restorations. “Both Mario and Luciano are motivated and excited to continue the great legacy of this company,” says Oertel.

Mario, Luciano and Oertel are involved with every job done by Professional Coatings. Oertel and the estimators conduct a preliminary walk-through with customers to go over what they should expect from the crew. Luciano is in charge of client communications, ensuring that all details of the notes that have been made prior to the start of the project are followed through and any questions the customer might have are answered. Once a complete re-stucco job begins, customers can expect to see Mario as the on-site crew leader. “This way, we will always have owner representation at each job site, from start to finish,” explains Mario.

After all repairs have been completed, Oertel works with the customer to choose a color for the stucco and schedule the final phase of the color coat.

Mario and Luciano inspect each phase of the project to ensure the highest level of overlapping quality control, and do a final walk-through to make sure each job is completed in a timely and professional manner and has met the high quality standards of Professional Coatings. “Your house is our house,” Mario says of the company’s hands-on approach with clients. “Based on the scope of the project, we won’t do anything to your home that we wouldn’t do to our own.”

Oertel says the quality of the work performed by Professional Coatings hasn’t changed since the new ownership took over. “With a team of three at the helm, each of us has helped alleviate a lot of the administrative work,” he explains, adding that customer service has improved. “This new growth has allowed us to do a much better job than I was able to do myself.”

Luciano says the key to developing a great relationship with a customer is communication. He notes that typically if a homeowner is unhappy with a re-stucco job done by another company, it’s because the contractor either did a poor job, provided no one for the customer to communicate with, poor follow through, the company owner was unavailable, or the problems were just not addressed properly. “If the job is going outside the scope of the project, we let the customer know immediately and present them with the proper solution. We also do not sub our work out. The company maintains proper immigration-

documented, W-2 employee status crew members,” says Luciano.

Oertel says Professional Coatings continues to receive great customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau, Nextdoor and other home improvement-related websites. A variety of considerations are involved in re-stuccoing a home, and consumers can face many choices when it comes to stucco products and application methods. For starters, there is Traditional Stucco, which is a cement-based, concrete-like product; and Synthetic Stucco, which is either a 100 percent acrylic (non-stretchable, less expensive commercial product) or an elastomeric (residential-stretchable) Synthetic Stucco, not to be confused with Elastomeric Coatings, which is a stretchable paint product. “Synthetic Stucco is a great product, but it’s not the right product for every application,” says Oertel.

Mario says it’s essential that homeowners are made aware of the potential hazards of stucco restoration. “Almost anyone can put a color coat of stucco on your home and make it look good,” he says. “But when the work is not done properly, or applied over an improper substrate, problems will incur.”

Oertel says that applying stucco over an improperly repaired and/or cured base-coat can result in a weak substrate — the surface or base on which it is applied. “Putting stucco over a poor base-coat, or painted and textured coated surface is risky,” he explains. “When new stucco is applied over painted stucco, the paint becomes the substrate. Furthermore, painting over your stucco is never a good idea because the paint will eventually trap moisture and cause the color coat and outer surface of the base coat to weaken.”

Mario says Professional Coatings prefers the old-fashioned method of applying stucco — with a hand trowel. “Though the process is labor intensive, hand troweling provides the tightest bond between the stucco and substrate in contrast to other methods, such as spraying,” he explains. “These other methods also allow the thinning and stretching of stucco, a no-no in the Professional Coatings book. Our company exceeds New Mexico state codes and manufacturers’ highest application specifications. We don’t cut corners, and we don’t stretch the materials in any way.”

Professional Coatings specializes in complete stucco restorations of homes and yard walls with an exterior wall space ranging in size from a minimum 1,500 square feet to well over 18,000 square feet. They also specialize in minor to moderate stucco repairs.

While some stucco companies focus mainly on the bid, notes Luciano, Professional Coatings chooses to take a consultative approach, spending enough time on-site to make an assessment and consult with the client. “We won’t just tell you what you want to hear,” he says. “We propose what is needed for a lasting re-stucco.”

In determining the scope of work, Oertel and the Professional Coatings’ estimators discuss goals and visions with their clients. Why are you looking at re-stuccoing? Are you installing new windows? Are your home’s parapets damaged? Is your stucco faded? What are the landscaping considerations? Does the property contain numerous high-moisture areas such as flowerbeds, sprinklers and roof drains? If so, these areas are important considerations in creating the work plan, notes Oertel, adding that moisture can cause significant damage to the stucco. These kinds of questions help Oertel and the estimators ascertain how Professional Coatings can best serve its customers.

The next step is a thorough inspection. “The key to restoration is all about the prep work,” explains Luciano. A complete inspection of your home includes the examination of all the walls, rooflines, parapets and chimney caps.

On a flat roof with parapets, Professional Coatings rebuilds all parapets, not just where it appears to be necessary. “We want the parapets to last the life of the re-stucco,” says Oertel, adding that the compnay has a minimum of a 98 percent success rate over an 18-year period with their parapet and chimney cap rebuild system.

Professional Coatings also rebuilds around windows as needed. If new windows are being installed, the company will rebuild around your new windows with a method that prevents shadow cracking, notes Oertel. “Heavy watering of newly restored areas ensures proper curing, which is critical to the success of the re-stucco,” he says. “This careful attention to detail is the sort of quality we demand.”

In almost all cases, Professional Coatings warranties are transferable to the next homeowner. Provided there is proper drainage around the building, notes Oertel, a re-stucco job typically should last 15 to 20 years or more if done properly.

Professional Coatings is also the only stucco company in the metro area to have donated 100 percent of the stucco labor and materials used to construct two homes by the Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity, including the stucco used for the 100th home built by the organization. “We also helped purchase two service dogs for the veterans’ Paws and Stripes program and have continued to donate to the Special Olympics and community youth sports programs,” says Oertel.

If you’re in the market for a stucco restoration, Professional Coatings is the company for the job. “We are competitively priced for the workmanship and the quality of products used,” says Oertel. “We do not cut corners — the job is done right the first time, guaranteed.” Oertel and estimators typically provide an on-site proposal with your consultation. Call 505-294-4744.

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