Save up to 50% With Energy Pros Home Improvements

Energy Pros Home Improvements works with clients in multiple areas of remodeling, including roofing, stucco/synthetic stucco, windows, casitas, home building and decks. The team brings extensive experience to each job.


As one of Albuquerque’s top home remodeling companies, Energy Pros Home Improvements carries top brand  products by Pella, Andersen, Jeld-Wen, El Rey stucco/synthetic stucco, top of the line roof products and more. They also carry New Mexico True windows and locally-made products that put money back into our economy. With every product comes a variety of features and benefits, exceptional energy efficiency, superior design and options. Mike Olans, general manager, and the team at Energy Pros offer unbeatable customer service from start to finish. “We carry the same products as the national companies for much less, so live your dream home improvement savings event now and call us at 505-264-0974!” he proclaims. 

Energy Pros construction supervisors speak earnestly when describing the company. “There is quality in the way we do things,” says Mike. “We offer quality products, workmanship, clean up and courtesy. We want the best for you — we’re able to fix any issues and help you get the house of your dreams.” 

With Energy Pros, clients can expect superior quality products, amazing customer service, a trustworthy team, reliability and reasonable pricing. “If you’d like for us to work up a price, call us to schedule,” adds Mike. 

They work with clients in multiple areas: roofing, stucco/synthetic stucco, windows, casitas, home building, remodeling, decks and more. With tried and true tenured work crews, Energy Pros Home Improvements brings extensive experience to each job. Construction supervisors bring their knowledge and experience to partner with you on your project from start to finish. 

They also give you a great value, with up to 50 percent — or more — off. Energy Pros works with clients to find the best fit for their home and wallets. “If you’re looking for great value and a professional company, give us a call,” says Mike. “You could be free and clear of higher priced companies — with the same beautiful, high quality, durable products.” 

Energy Pros Home Improvements offers multiple lines of products that include good, better and best to accommodate various needs in home improvements. With these products come professional tradesmen and expert supervision. Count on cleanliness, an experienced design team, reliable installation and above all, satisfaction. Enjoy the Energy Pros circle of excellence. 

Additionally, Energy Pros offers a 110 percent price guarantee — just ask them for details! —  and they work with clients to have a top-notch experience. Their commitment to service is reflected in their A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and strong relationships in the industry and with clients. 

Mike describes another success: “We just completed a remodel/addition, and the customer said we were a well-oiled machine. Trades included concrete, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, carpentry and more, and everything went smoothly. The client was very, very happy.” This is just one of many positive working experiences customers have with Energy Pros. You can find many more testimonials on Energy Pros’ website at

Energy Pros is a licensed residential home builder. Getting jobs done at your home will be a smooth process. Construction supervisors communicate often with clients and workers, making all the process simple and worry-free. “If something’s wrong, we’ll correct it,” says Mike. “Construction supervisors are accessible and happy to talk about any stage of the process, whether it’s pre-planning, construction or questions about any part of the job.” 

Customers can profit with home appreciation and energy savings. Windows in particular are a great investment, says Mike. “Over time, windows pay for themselves — they produce less noise, less dust and particulate, enjoy better security for your family, energy savings, home appreciation, better health, and protection of your furniture/carpet from harsh sun rays. Energy Pros has you and your home protected on a number of levels.” 

In addition to stucco, windows and roofing, Energy Pros builds homes, casitas, remodels baths, kitchens, builds additions, composite/wood decks, doors, continuous and seamless guttering systems, veneer stacked stone, venetian plaster and most anything the homeowner can appreciate. Equally as enticing as the array of choices is the fact that Energy Pros Home Improvements is up to 50 percent less than competitors. “We have the same products and warranties as the competition,” explains Mike. “We stop all the hyperbole and pretension of special sales and just offer fair pricing everyday. We do not use high pressure sales tactics. We are committed to delivering the best quality products and an outstanding installation and application experience.”

And if anyone is looking to build a quality, custom house in the Albuquerque area, Energy Pros can do that, too.  

Every new project is unique. There are many things for you to consider and countless decisions to be made. Energy Pros handles the entire process, from the initial consultation through to expert installation. Their commitment to relationships is as important as the quality of the products and the services. The personal service provided by the Energy Pros home construction team has made this company a trusted partner in the home improvement industry for decades. Don’t wait another day to get a free quote. 

Energy Pros Home Improvements has the power to transform the spirit of any home. The team at Energy Pros offers customization options and skills, exclusive general builder experience and unmatched personal service. They are licensed, bonded and insured. Enjoy their customer service and technical assistance groups. No matter what your project requirements, Energy Pros Home Improvements has what you need. 

You deserve a better experience without the high costs. Call Energy Pros today to see how much you could save. To get started on your home transformation, visit their website,, or call 264-0974. 

“We look forward to serving you and giving you the better way to better home improvement,” says Mike. “Energy Pros Home Improvements serves all of New Mexico.”

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