SYNLawn Products Are Safe, Clean and Always Green

Chris and Staci Baca, owners of SYNLawn of New Mexico, purchased the company in 2017.


Having a green landscape is easy with SYNLawn of New Mexico. The company offers some of the highest quality synthetic turf systems in the state, giving your lawn the look and feel of real grass without the inconvenience, high costs and harm to the environment of going natural. 

In New Mexico, where a great majority of the days are filled with sunshine and little precipitation, SYNLawn products offer advantages for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor space in a range of styles. “Our lawns offer significant savings on water usage, maintenance and costs related to mowing, fertilizing, aerating and more,” says Chris Baca, who, along with his wife, Staci, owns SYNLawn of New Mexico. “It just makes sense to have artificial grass.” 

Chris, who has worked for SYNLawn of New Mexico since its inception in 2004, purchased the New Mexico territory with Staci in 2017. As part of the SYNLawn family, their venture offers the benefits of years of research and development to their customers. “Together with our sister company AstroTurf , we have over 50 years of  R&D that have gone into the development of our synthetic turf,” explains Chris. In fact, with such solid scientific backing, SYNLawn offers a limited lifetime warranty. “We are the only synthetic turf company that offers this warranty, because we know the UV stabilizers will last many years under our harsh sun,” he adds. 

The Bacas and staff at SYNLawn are proud to offer an eco-friendly turf option for homeowners and businesses across New Mexico. “There are a lot of positives for the environment with these turfs,” says Chris. In addition to not needing to water your lawn, SYNLawn synthetic lawns won’t require the use of pesticides or other treatments to keep weeds away as well as the use of gasoline-powered mowers and edgers. And as part of the company’s commitment to helping the planet, SYNLawn uses recycled material in their products. “We’re a part of a program that gets used water bottles from some of our national parks, like Yellowstone, and take those bottles and recycle them into our backings for the turf,” Chris explains. 

Clients can count on eco-friendly and safe practices and products with SYNLawn for everyone in the family. All items are USDA-certified bio-based. This means anyone, even family pets, can take pleasure in SYNLawn systems without the mess of dirt and hazardous chemicals used for lawn maintenance. In fact, for pet owners, SYNLawn offers Envirofill a safe and reusable infill that prevents bacteria growth and reduces ammonia odor from urine by up to 99 percent, notes Chris. 

Another product offered by SYNLawn that makes lawns more comfortable, especially in warmer climates, is T˚ Cool. This innovative infill can lower the temperature of the synthetic lawn through evaporation — cooling the turf up to 50 degrees. “This is ideal for schools, daycares and anywhere children are present,” says Chris. In addition to T˚Cool, many SYNLawn products come with  HeatBlock technology, which can help keep the turf from overheating. 

Along with infills, clients of SYNLawn have multiple options for types of synthetic turf. Whether you’re looking to add a lush, soft grass to your yard or install your very own putting green, SYNLawn has you covered. “We have over 30 different turf products, including landscape, pet, play, golf, roof decks and even agility turf for fitness,” explains Chris. To have a better idea of the textures and shades available, customers are encouraged to visit the showroom located at 8001 Edith Blvd. NE. 

Working with SYNLawn means receiving quality customer care from a team that has worked many years with the company. “Our employees are not sub-contracted; they’re all in-house,” Chris explains. “We have certified installers and are members of the Synthetic Turf Council, and we stand behind our work and the quality of the products.” With long-term employees, up-to-date training and no subcontractors, SYNLawn is a company clients have returned to. “We get a lot of repeat and referral business,” says Chris. 

SYNLawn also offers other landscaping services. “If you want to update or add new items, we are your one-stop shop,” says Chris. “We can install water features, fire pits, paver and concrete patios, drip irrigation and plants. With us, you can get your entire yard done by one company.” 

Bring the benefits of SYNLawn artificial grass to your home or business. “It’s a true yard makeover — whether you’re living with dirt, weeds or stickers, you can suddenly have a lush, green area that you can enjoy with little maintenance,” says Chris. 

To get started on the landscape of your dreams, call SYNLawn at 890-8889 or visit


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