There’s Still a Lot of Life Left in Senior Pets

There are many benefits to adopting an older pet.

Every day, in shelters all across the country, senior animals are passed over by prospective pet owners. Why? Some people are looking for the energy of a new puppy or feel older dogs offer families too little time. But the truth is, providing a new home for an older animal may bring you a level of companionship you never imagined.

Older animals can be just as cute and lovable as their younger counterparts. In fact, they often come with many wonderful qualities that take years to develop in younger animals.

Here are some benefits to consider as you’re looking for a forever friend:

• Saving a life: By choosing to adopt a senior pet, you’re providing a second chance at life and, with that, can come a lot of fulfillment.

• Say so long to training: Lucky for you, the majority of senior animals have already learned the fundamentals — from toilet training to various commands to leash walking. Not having to spend weeks and weeks on training can be a valuable perk of adopting a senior pet.

• What you see is what you get: Adopting an older pet means its size and temperament are established, increasing your chance of finding the perfect companion for your household.

• Lots of love, less destruction: Senior pets are typically well past the search-and-destroy phase, minimizing the possibility of unwanted accidents and bad behavior.

• Something for everyone: The mellow disposition of a senior animal makes them a great companion for people of all ages.

• Wonderful years ahead: Don’t let the shorter lifespan of an older pet keep you from adopting one. Depending on the breed, a dog of 7 or 8 years may have at least as many good years left ahead.

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