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Champions for GMX Hard Water Treatment

“New Mexico has the
third-hardest water in the
country — and it damages faucets, ruins water heaters, and
dries out skin and hair,” says
Larry Brown.
Larry wasn’t a water treatment professional when he
installed GMX magnetic
equipment in his own home
in 1993. “I was a homeowner
with a hard water problem, and
a husband trying to keep his
wife happy,” he says jokingly.
Now owner-operator of
R&L Enterprises Inc., a GMX
dealer, Larry is one of the most
experienced individuals in the
country for treating hard water
with magnetic technology.
His company covers the entire
Southwest, including New
“I believe homeowners
deserve a choice,” continues
Larry, “because GMX means
you can save your home, skin
and hair from hard water without salts and chemicals. That is
why I have taken a stand and
have continued to champion
this product for 26 years.”
“I am a hard-headed, New
Mexico-raised farm boy, a
trained scientist, and a born
skeptic,” Larry continues. “But
I had read excellent research
proving the GMX technology
works, and there was a money
back guarantee, so we put it on
our own home.”
Within a week of installing the GMX system, recalls
Larry, his wife, Ruthie, was
thrilled that the shower walls
were easier to clean — even her
shampoo worked better! And
within just a couple weeks, the
Browns noticed their water
heater’s performance improved,
creating hotter water as the
GMX system began to remove
the many years’ worth of crusty
scale and deposits.
“If I had bought a softener
instead, I would have spent
several thousand dollars more
in maintenance costs and I
would have dumped between
5,000 and 6,000 pounds of salt
into my septic system by now. I
can’t even imagine doing that!”

exclaims Larry.
GMX’s magnetic technology treats hard water, saving
fixtures and appliances from
mineral damage. It uses no
energy, yet keeps water heaters
and other appliances running
cleanly and efficiently. It requires no chemicals, sodium
or potassium — making it safe
for plants, pets and people with
health issues such as hypertension, says Larry.
“There are other physical
water treatment devices showing up on the market,” he
adds. “They are decent, but I
believe they are where we were
26 years ago in learning how
to control New Mexico’s hard
water. We now know, from
thousands of installations, that
effective treatment requires
booster treatment after the
water heater. I don’t see any
other company recommending
Many of Larry’s 6,000+ customers are also seeing amazing
results, and have themselves
become champions of Larry
and GMX.
Mary Jo Yoder, having heard
the hype from other salespeople, loved Larry’s professionalism and positive attitude when
she called for an appointment.
“I had a couple of salespeople come — one said my
water was just fine; the other
was high-pressure, telling me
I had horrible water quality,”
recalls Mary Jo. “I asked Larry,
‘Does the GMX system soften
water?’ and he was completely
honest by explaining that
the system controls minerals
without removing them. I was
willing to try it, and the results
were unbelievable.”
“The amount of deposits
that came out of my water
heater was just unreal,” continues Mary Jo. “I’ve cleaned
the showerheads and faucets
and the deposits have not returned. I’m using less soap in
the washing machine and the
dishwasher and getting great
results. I’m also using less bath
soap and shampoo, and I don’t
have to purchase or carry large


Larry Brown, owner and operator of R&L Enterprises,
a premier GMX dealer, holds a display of a set of three
GMX magnetic water conditioners.

bags of softener salt!”
Connie Burgner had her
GMX system installed about
nine years ago when she
bought a new home. “I found
that the toilets and the fixtures
had dirty buildup on them,”
she explains. “I scrubbed repeatedly but couldn’t get them
to go away.”
Connie had read about the
GMX technology and called
Larry to set an appointment.
“He was on time and so gracious,” she says. “He explained
to me the entire process, and
I’ve never been more pleased.
I no longer have that dirty
buildup in my toilets, my sinks
or on my fixtures. I was so impressed that I referred several

of my friends to him.”
In addition to a great product, Larry offers a free follow-up visit two months after
purchase; a six-month, money
back guarantee; and a lifetime
equipment warranty. He also
provides a free initial water
heater flushing for his customers — unheard of in this industry, he says. The success of his
product and his professionalism has earned him an Angie’s
List Superior Service Award.
Your next step? If you’re
tired of your hard water, and
you’re ready for a salt-free
solution with great service, call
Larry at 250-7754 to schedule
a free estimate or for an information packet.

Your Next Step?

For a FREE Estimate or an Information Package
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