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Never Worry about Roof Problems Again with CAS

Never want to have to replace your roof again? Just talk to Clint Satterfield, owner of CAS Enterprises. Whether it’s improving the quality of your flat-roofed home, or you just want the work done with a brand-new room installation (with a lifetime warranty), Clint and his team are ready to help.

“Providing great customer service and excellent products drives my passion. I feel confident we are providing the best level of customer service along with the best products in the industry,” says Lucas Satterfield, general manager. “I love hearing from customers at home shows as they stop by to visit with us as they express how happy they are with our roofs years later.”

CAS Enterprises wants to provide the last roof you’ll ever buy. Something that will last, despite all the extreme New Mexico elements and conditions. Whether it’s residential or commercial, Clint not only can help, he and his family have earned a reputation across the state spanning three generations for getting the job done right.

When asked, Lucas recalls how he managed to get to where he is now. “CAS Enterprises got where it is by treating every customer with excellent customer service, providing the best roofing products in the industry, and treating every customer with the utmost respect for them and their homes.”

In addition to owning CAS Enterprises, Clint also owns Roofs Restored LLC, which specializes in silicone coatings for roofs which increase longevity and come with 10-year warranties. While the names may differ, the same personal dedication to quality remains identical. Roofs Restored is just one more way Clint Satterfield provides nuanced solutions for his customers.

Like so many New Mexicans, Lucas shares the pride he has for his home state. “We love New Mexico, with its rich history and amazing people. We wouldn’t be where we are now without the great people of New Mexico. We love all the amazing flat roofs of New Mexico.”

CAS Enterprises garners enthusiastic reviews from customers like Patti Morrison, who says, “I put on an IB roof and I don’t cringe when it rains anymore! I love it and Wes is the best representative of this company that you could ask for.”

Excellence and professionalism are only a few things Clint and company know their way around. As real world-impacting events like COVID-19 continue affecting local businesses in New Mexico, CAS Enterprises continues to adapt and thrive.

“We are taking various precautions to follow all rules set forth by the governor. We are limiting the size of our crews, we are wearing proper protective equipment, and we are limiting our interactions with customers to be within safe 6-foot distances,” Lucas explains.

In addition, we are also currently offering financing through, an amazing financing company we have partnered with, he continues.

“We aren’t doing virtual appointments,” says Lucas. “We are still visiting homes to measure roofs in person, but following all rules on social distancing. We are doing a lot more phone conversations about our product and company procedures.”

Despite necessary adaptations to the times, Clint’s customers remain loyal because of the quality his business delivers regularly. One repeat customer says, “CAS was fantastic! They installed my roof 5-1/2 years ago, and when I called them to try to find the source of some leaks after a recent heavy rain, a technician came within two days. He checked all the roofing seals and did some minor repair to one seal and to the stucco where water might have been coming in. Someone came out a few days later and did water testing. The source of the leaks turned out not to be the roof, but unsealed penetrations in the stucco. For all the work and a substantial amount of time they spent, plus repairing the source of the leaks, no charges were incurred by me. I highly recommend CAS Enterprises. They are reputable, professional and stand behind their work.”

CAS Enterprises continues fulfilling its promise for superior customer service, even as demand continues rising. “We see New Mexico continuously growing with hundreds of houses being built a year all over the state. Every home built is a potential future roof for CAS Enterprises to re-roof. We believe business will only increase as time goes on,” Clint reaffirms. “We offer our community the best level of customer service, the best products in the industry, and a company that stands behind what it sells. We are a family-owned and operated company that loves this state and will continue to give it the best we have to offer,” says Lucas.

Another happy customer reports, “We replaced a tar-and-gravel flat roof with white PVC membrane roofing. Wesley answered all questions and the team was professional. The lifetime guarantee puts me at ease. So satisfied!”

Lastly, Lucas Satterfield adds, “CAS Enterprises is a father-and-son team who are second- and third-generation general contractors who love what we do and the products we sell.”

Ready to have your roof done right, then never have to worry about it again? Clint and his team at CAS Enterprises are ready when you are. Learn more about their extensive services on their website, You can also contact CAS Enterprises by calling them at (505) 238-6520. To contact Roofs Restored LLC, you can visit their website, or call (505) 639-5589.

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