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New Mexico MarketPlace is New Mexico’s oldest and largest monthly shopper publication. In continuous publication each month since November 1986, New Mexico MarketPlace is distributed free of charge by direct mail to 150,000 recipient single-family households throughout the Albuquerque metro area.


Delivery is timed for the publication to arrive in homes on the first Friday and Saturday of each month.


Here’s some useful information about New Mexico MarketPlace.


 To our readers, New Mexico MarketPlace is a popular source of helpful shopping advice to area stores and service providers. Our magazine-style publication is also a useful place to look for family-oriented information on cooking, gardening, fitness, investments, parenting, pet care, real estate, events, trivia, and a host of other fun reading topics. Because it comes out only once per month, readers can refer back to New Mexico MarketPlace again and again for the information they need.


Not everyone is eligible to receive New Mexico MarketPlace. We choose the homes to which we send New Mexico MarketPlace primarily on the basis of Median Household Income. 


As a result, we can assure advertisers of the most upscale reading audience possible, with incomes far higher than the overall market. Our advertisers like having access to this large, affluent market. They also appreciate the quick, immediate and measurable results characteristic of direct mail.


Each issue of New Mexico MarketPlace consists of two separate zoned editions — each is distributed to 75,000 affluent homes.


These two editions allow advertisers choices tailored to meet both their marketing objectives and the finite amount of money in their ad budgets. Advertisers can place an ad in one zone, or all zoned editions.


New Mexico MarketPlace’s circulation is audited by an outside party, the Circulation Verification Council. 

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