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Direct mail is the largest form of advertising in the United States. In spite of its reputation as “junk mail,” research by the U.S. Postal Service shows that most people:

  • Enjoy receiving it
  • Read it promptly and completely
  • Find it useful

New Mexico MarketPlace offers an efficient, good-looking, and money-saving approach to direct mail advertising.

Each month, the 150,000 most affluent single-family residences in the Albuquerque area receive our direct mail publication. Because we combine the direct mail messages of many advertisers into one package, we are able to keep postage costs down, and pass the savings along to advertisers in the form of affordable and effective advertisements.

Our unique approach to direct mail allows our advertisers to:

  • Choose to advertise in any or both of our two zones, which contain 75,000 upscale single-family homes each.
  • Target homes with a median household income of approximately $70,000 who also represent more than $10 Billion in annual purchasing power.
  • Receive a "Business Profile Feature Story" about their business with a 12-month contract and a minimum yearly purchase of $10,000.
  • Take advantage of free advertising design and copywriting.

Ads are offered in sizes ranging from 1/8 page to two facing full pages with a choice of contract length (the more often your ad runs, the lower the price for each ad). Black and white, spot color, and four-color process advertising is available.

Display ads are placed on our website for an entire month, along with a link to advertiser websites. For information regarding advertisement sizes, colors, and rates please click Display Advertising Rates.

Advertisers who choose to place either Preprinted Inserts or run their ad on our Detach Cards can precisely target their distribution to reach specific geographic or demographic targets. Inserts can be targeted to any of the following:

  • Zip Code®
  • Median household income
  • Home value
  • Radians or streets around a store or business location

Want to reach our upscale audience for an entire month for one absolute rock-bottom price? Consider placing an extremely affordable Line Classified or Display Classified ad in New Mexico MarketPlace. There’s no better bargain in Albuquerque.

Your ad will also appear all month long on our website at no additional cost. Choose from over 125 category and heading listings and, for a small extra charge, you can also choose to add additional attention getters such as:

  • Boldface
  • Color Type
  • Customized category heading

For more information about display advertising or classified advertising in New Mexico MarketPlace, call us at (505) 888-0500, or email us at

Join the scores of area businesses that are building sales and profits through advertising in New Mexico’s largest monthly direct mail shopper publication.


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