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Demographics, Readership and Purchasing Plans

New Mexico MarketPlace offers advertisers a large, affluent audience. Your ad's impact is amplified by the power of one-to-one direct mail. On both a raw and a cost per thousand basis, our advertising rates are among the lowest in the entire metropolitan area. New Mexico MarketPlace circulation is audited by the Circulation Verification Council (CVC) and monthly Proofs of Mailing (USPS Form 3602) are available to any advertiser.

 Guaranteed Monthly Circulation (copies mailed)
 Overall Monthly Readership (adults 18 years or older)
 Readers Per Copy
 Percentage of Recipients Who Regularly Read Product
 Percentage of Regular Readers Who Purchase Products 
 or Services From Ads Seen In New Mexico MarketPlace
Percentage of Readers Who Keep the Issue Three Weeks or More
 Percentage of Regular Readers Who Are Female
 Percentage of Regular Readers Age 35+

Advertisers benefit because New Mexico MarketPlace chooses who receives the publication, rather than the other way around. There is no wasted circulation, because all copies are mailed to specific addresses. There are no returns. Only single-family residences in the Albuquerque Metropolitan area (ZIP® Code prefixes 870 and 871 located in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Valencia and Santa Fe counties) are targeted.

We use demographic data on Median Household Income (MHI) and Average Taxable Home Value (ATHV) to make sure our publication is mailed to the 150,000 most affluent residences in the area. Sources include the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), and data provided by local real estate boards and governments. All demographics and delivery information is updated quarterly to make sure our mailings stay up-to-date with changes in housing patterns and income shifts. Here is current demographic information about our audience:

 Median Household Income (MHI) $87,000**
 Average Taxable Home Value (ATHV) $302,301**

Our Readers Spend Tens of Millions Each Year

Regular readers of New Mexico MarketPlace say they plan to purchase the following PRODUCTS and SERVICES during the coming 12 Months*:

 Dining and Entertainment
 Women's Apparel
 Medical Services / Physicians
 Furniture / Home Furnishings
 Men's Apparel
 Vacations / Travel
 Tax Advisor / Services
 Pharmacist / Prescription Services
 Cleaning Services (Carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, home cleaning)
 Health Club / Exercise Class
 Automobile Accessories (Tires, brakes & service)
 Home Improvements / Supplies
 Lawn & Garden Supplies
 Pet Supplies
 Television / Electronics
 Major Home Appliance
 Art & Crafts Supplies
 Lan Care Service (Maintenance & Landscaping)
 Legal Gambling Entertainment (Lottery, casinos, racetracks, bingo)
 Athletic & Sports Equipment
 Children's Apparel
 Financial Planner (Retirement, investing)
 Florist / Gift Shops
 Home Computers / Tablets / Laptops
 Cellular Phone New / Update Service
 Carpet / Flooring
 Used Automobile
 New Automobile
 Child Care
 Education / Classes
 Real Estate
 Antiques / Auctions
 Home Heating / Air Conditioning (Service, New Equipment)
 Weight Loss
 Wedding Supplies
 Motorcycles / ATV's
 Boats / Personal Watercraft

*Source: CVC Audit and Supplemental Readership Study, December 2019
**USPS compiled demographic data, July 2021 Update